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Quotes September 23, 2021

Courtesy of The Daily Good AmyAnn Cadwell

Growing up requires that we learn when to stay and when to go, what is theirs and what’s our own.
The suffering we survive in the present will one day become the story of our strength.
When—or if—we decide to add to our wardrobes, we do our best to make our investments thoughtfully. Today’s featured read is our guide to sustainable brands offering garments that will outlast fast fashion alternatives.
Lean into nostalgia, and the sweetness of memory.
Even in your exhaustion, stay awake to the great griefs and joys that tumble together in your heart.
Your softness may be your greatest strength.
Living out who other people expect you to be at the cost of your own uniqueness is a spiritual betrayal.
Feeling joy in your life does not negate the suffering of others.
We are often expected to be silent about our sorrows, but life is harder if we do not address our shadows.
The weeds of injustice are hearty and thorny and thick, and if we do not properly acknowledge them, we cannot do the necessary work to uproot them.
Take stock of all you have already survived.

Quotes August 31, 2021

Courtesy of The Daily Good AmyAnn Cadwell

Let your grief and anger be lived, and also your joy and celebration.
Cling to the thing you know to be truest within you.
When do you feel your own divinity, when are you in touch with your own aliveness?
At the foundation of happiness and wholeness lies the courage to speak up for ourselves.
You always only need to be you.
We often don’t tell the truth about what we need because we fear our honesty will further us from love—and yet in the end, the opposite is true.
Move beyond what you believe you are “allowed” to feel and into your honest core, your sensitive center—honor yourself there.
Our attention is pulled in so many directions each day, challenging our presence. In today’s read, we explore how to build supportive habits that can help us navigate one of these sources of overwhelm—the email inbox.
Offer yourself your own loving presence, tenderness, attention, and care.
Protect your solitude, your moments of silence.