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Military September 29, 2021

Military.com: ‘Crapshoot’ Sentencing by Court-Martial Juries Likely to End, Advocates for New Legislation Say; US Troops Go to Court Seeking Vaccine Exemption for Those Who’ve Had COVID-19; Coastie Receives 2021 Citizen Soldier Award and more ->
Task & Purpose: ‘Left to the devils’: How red tape and paperwork errors betrayed America’s Afghan allies “I hope DynCorp’s error doesn’t cost them their lives.”; America’s top generals finally cut the bulls–t on Afghanistan The point of contention was when – not if – Afghanistan would fall. And more ->
DoD: Austin Gives Senate Hard Truths of Lessons From Afghanistan; Austin, Milley: No Debate About Courage, Commitment of Americans Who Served in Afghanistan; Maryland, Kentucky Guard partner to build homes for vets and more ->






Angry Staff Officer: Good morning, happy national coffee day. Be sure to thank your coffee for its service
Just for fun!
New HR policy: I Don’t care