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Military June 07, 2019

One bullet each.

By Jared Keller: Marine Raider gets 4 years for Green Beret’s hazing death in Mali
“He and Logan Melgar were friends and he didn’t act like his friend that night,” he added.

Maxwell is the second of four U.S. special operations personnel to plead guilty so far. In May, Chief Special Warfare Officer Adam Matthews reached a pretrial agreement to plead guilty to charges of hazing, assault consummated by battery, burglary, and conspiracy to obstruct justice in exchange for referral to a special court-martial.
By James Clark: Shirtless Russian sailors casually sunbathe while their ship almost collides with US missile cruiser
Military.com | By Gina Harkins: Injured Recruit Gets OK to Leave Boot Camp After Parents Say He Was ‘Silenced’
A Marine recruit who was at boot camp for almost 500 days headed home this week after his parents sought help from lawmakers on his behalf and then raised retaliation concerns.

Alex Tipton, an 18-year-old from Arkansas, graduated early from high school in December 2017 so he could ship off to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. He set out to be an aviation supply specialist.
The Associated Press | By MICHELLE R. SMITH and Jennifer Mcdermott: Navy Probing Claims Against War College Leader
NEWPORT, R.I. — The military is investigating the president of the U.S. Naval War College amid allegations that he spent excessively, abused his hiring authority and otherwise behaved inappropriately, including keeping a margarita machine in his office.
Military.com | By Patricia Kime: Inspector General Finds VA Overcharged Disabled Vets on Home Loans
The Department of Veterans Affairs charged nearly 73,000 veterans improper home loan funding fees adding up $286 million, an error that could result in refunds for the affected veterans.

The VA Office of Inspector General released a report Thursday saying that, from Jan. 1, 2012, through Dec. 31, 2017, the VA improperly charged disabled veterans loan funding fees that they are not required to pay because of their disability status.
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About 53,200 veterans may be owed a total of $189 million, while an additional 34,400 veterans could receive refunds adding up to $164 million if the Veterans Benefits Administration, or VBA, doesn’t fix the problem that resulted in erroneous funding fee charges, the report found.
Military.com | By Matthew Cox: Full Details: Army to Test New Extreme Cold Weather Gear Next Year
“What we have heard from some of our subject-matter experts at the Northern Warfare Training Center in Alaska is they are active for a little while and then they will be static for a while and then they will start moving again,” she said. “So, when they are in that static position, they like to throw on the level seven of the ECWCS, and it helps them dry out.”
Posted by EighthCard: “The Shores of Normandy” by D-Day Veteran Jim Radford