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Military August 31, 2021

DoD: Secretary of Defense and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff to Deliver Remarks 1 p.m. September 1, 2021
Task & Purpose: Why a 2-star general was the last American service member to leave Afghanistan ‘In this division, leaders jump first, eat last – always.’; ‘The normal military rules are out’ — How veterans helped rescue scores of people from Afghanistan “This is the most American thing that’s ever happened.” The American service members killed in Kabul helped rescue 30,000 people “There is no greater honor for a Marine to be called to save Americans…That is what my Marines did. They will always be my heroes.”
Military.com: The Last Combat Soldier to Leave Vietnam Was Killed in the 9/11 Attacks; Pentagon Denies Military Dogs Were Left Behind in Afghanistan; A Resignation and Mental Health Screening: The Unfolding Saga of the Marine Who Called Out Leadership on Afghanistan; ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Groundwater Near Military Bases Threaten Great Lakes and more ->


Vigilence Elite on Rumble: How the Afghanistan Withdrawal will Benefit China and Affect the U.S. Former Navy SEAL/CIA Contractor Shawn Ryan has a discussion with former Green Beret Tu Lam