The Positivity Blog: How to Have More Energy as the Days Become Darker and Colder


Up here in Sweden the days are becoming darker and colder by the week. It is not
easy to keep the energy up like in the bright and warm summer days.

So this Sunday I’d like to share one simple tip that I think is appropriate during
the start of this darker season.

It is simply to ask yourself: What is the biggest energy suck in my life right now?

You may for example find that it is a person in your life that is very negative. Or
that your inbox or social media usage has become a too big and draining part of
your life. Or that the report that you have been meaning to finish for a month now
is dragging you down.

Then you follow that up with asking: What is one thing I can do about this?

Maybe you decide that you want stop hanging out with that person. Or at least
spend less of the time you have in a week with her and more of that time with the
people that give you the most energy.

Perhaps you find that you can limit your social media activity or email processing
to just once a day after your most important tasks are already done.

Or that you can just set off 5 minutes today to get started again with finishing
your report.

For some energy sucks there might not be a simple solution. Or a solution at all,
at least at this time. Then you may want to find one of the lesser leaks in your life
that you can actually do something about.

Take a few minutes or an hour out of your day to plug just one of these biggest
leaks and you’ll have more energy to spend on what truly matters to you. Even
when the days are too short.

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday!