Tim Minchin:  UWA Address 9 Life Lessons 

Tim Minchin’s 9 Rules To Live By

You don’t have to have a dream. Be micro-ambitious and see what happens as you pursue short-term goals…

Rather than chasing happiness for yourself, keep busy and aim to make someone else happy.

Remember that we are lucky to be here, and that most of us – especially those of us with a college education, or those actively seeking to educate themselves to a similar degree—will achieve a level of wealth that “most humans throughout history could not have dreamed of.”

Exercise. Among other things, it helps combat depression.

Identify your biases, prejudices, and privileges and do not exempt your own beliefs and opinions from intellectual rigor.

Be a teacher! Swell the ranks of this noble profession.

Define yourself by what you love, rather than what you despise, and lavish praise on the people and things that move you.

Respect those with less power than yourself, and be wary of those who do not.

Don’t be in a rush to succeed. It might come at a cost.