907 Updates December 24, 2018

By Leroy Polk: MEA: Over 4,000 members without power in Eagle River area Monday
By Dave Goldman: Ron Abegglen, UAA coaching giant dies at 81
By Sean Maguire: ‘Stay off the lakes’: Anchorage Snowmobile Club president after Pettigen deaths
Tips for snowmachiners hitting the backcountry
Never go by yourself: Cook says that he personally has had to rescue multiple people who went off riding alone.
– Always carry the necessary gear: Wear a helmet, carry a shovel and carry enough clothes to stay warm overnight if there is a breakdown or if the sled gets stuck.
– If you hit overflow, hit the throttle. Stopping means you’ll sink and get stuck.
– Cook always carries a dry bag filled with heavy duty mittens, a space blanket, a tarp, extra polar fleece top and bottom, a garbage sack and a way to make fire.
– Carry a backpack separate to your sled with enough supplies to last overnight if you lose your snowmachine.

By KTVA: North Pole man ordered to pay $100K in restitution for theft
By Associated Press: Ketchikan man sentenced to 10 years for assaulting woman
Superior Court Judge William Carey says the couple’s 4-year-old son witnessed the attack and called 911, “thinking his mom was dead.”
Congratulations Angela Major!
By Associated Press: Assembly member to resign seat to attend Air War College
KTOO Public Media: Alaska Made: Sea otter pelts are highly prized, tightly regulated and more ->
By Dave Goldman: ‘Hockey is for everybody:’ Alaska sled hockey team recruits new members
By KTVA Web Staff: #7nightsoflights Night 6: The jewel of Taku-Campbell Lake