907 Updates January 19, 2018

Wish the Grunwald’s the best!
By Zaz Hollander: David Grunwald’s father is suing 2 teens he says swapped his son’s murder weapon for drugs. He’s suing their parents, too.
By Leroy Polk: UPDATE: 1 arrested, 1 still on the loose in Eagle River home invasion
By Daniella Rivera: APD arrested 10 people in 24 hours: Where are they now?
By KTVA Web Staff: Spring Creek prison in lockdown after 43-inmate riot
By Anchorage Daily News: Video and transcript: Alaska Gov. Bill Walker delivers 2018 State of the State address
By Victoria Taylor: New project aims to ease midtown congestion
An open house for the project is scheduled for January 30, from 3pm – 7pm at the Loussac Library.
By Samantha Angaiak: Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council passes resolution on tanker transit training
The resolution said, “Escort vessel crews deserve and must receive training and experience escorting tankers and practicing disabled
tanker towing saves throughout PWS over the full range of operating conditions in which they are expected to perform escort and disabled tanker towing services. Controlled training opportunities, including in adverse weather, can and should be stopped at any time that the risk to crews and/or vessels becomes unacceptably high.”
By Charles Wohlforth: How Saturday morning coffees in Anchorage translate into lives saved overseas
“You can use our democracy here in the United States to make use of the wealth and power we get by the luck of our birth,” Hudson said. “The table’s all set for us, all we have to do is work the levers of government and we can help our fellow humans all over the planet. It seems like a no-brainer.”
By John Tracy: The day an Alaskan held the White House accountable
Buzz Briefs: Bestselling authors visit Patrick Beaver Memorial Library

The book is the second in the popular “Heart of Alaska” series, which centers on the Curry Hotel located at the foot of Mt. Denali in 1920s Alaska.