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Alaska Native News: NANA Allocates $1.5m to Fund Northwest Arctic Borough School District Early Learning Programs; Alaska Legislators Praise Renaming Suicide Peak to Celebrate the Value of Life; FAA Activates New GPS-Guided Routes in Alaska to Fly Below Hazardous Weather; This Day in Alaska History-October 16th, 1917 and more ->

“Homestead Survival: An Insider’s Guide to Your Great Escape”

By Marty Raney; TarcherPerigee/Penguin Random House, 2022; 187 pages; $20.

Followers of Discovery Channel’s reality TV show “Homestead Rescue” will know that Marty Raney, along with two of his children, star in the show, which features them traveling the country to help solve problems faced by “homesteaders.” The series, which has run for nine seasons, spun off into a newer series, “Raney Ranch,” which follows his own family’s life near Alaska’s Hatcher Pass.

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