907 Updates September 12, 2016

Because the victim was passed out, it doesn’t count as much?  What about her getting through the attack?  How does she turn her life around?  Every knows as he bragged at school about raping an unconscious 12 year old. 
Lisa Demer: Scammon Bay teen gets 5 years for raping 12-year-old girl

“And I have to look at you. Goodness. You have no record,” McConnell said to Kaganak. “This was your first offense, and it was a very serious one.”


Banishment means they are still able and willing to commit crimes.  It just means it is difficult for them to commit crimes where they were banished from.
Lisa Demer:  Young man blamed for 3 arson deaths in Alaska village gets traditional justice: Banishment


Chris Klint: Company to challenge $560K state fines in Anchorage worker’s death
The review board hearing, in Suite 102 of the Atwood Building at 550 W. Seventh Ave., is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Oct. 5.



Does your school district have a lobbyist?
Tegan Hanlon: Should the Anchorage School Board hire a lobbyist?

wiki: Lobbyist
A person remunerated to persuade (to lobby) politicians to vote in a certain way or otherwise use their office to effect a desired result.


Suzanna Caldwell: Cordova will ban plastic bags and foam containers starting Oct. 1
James Brand, branch manager of the AC Value Center in Cordova, the city’s largest retailer, said the store is still working through its stock of regular plastic bags. Last year the store handed out 140,000 plastic bags.

He said biodegradable bags are in the process of being shipped and will likely be there in time for the ban’s implementation Oct. 1. But he said if they aren’t the store will still have paper bags.

wiki: Biodegradable bag