907 Updates September 19, 2016

I may be looking for excuses where there none.  I look to justify drug and alcohol abuse by a traumatic event(s) The death of an only child is an easily understandable spiral of despair and torment. How much of it is guilt whether earned such as drove drunk or not such as hit by a drunk driver.

The 12 year old that was raped while unconscious, left to die, an the rapist bragged about it at school the next day. If she spirals down slowly or takes herself out I would have empathy. Children and adults who are sexually abused, bullied, have mental issues, feel a guilt or haunted by demons.  

Apparently this young lady had a lot going for her and wanted to work in law enforcement. What choices did she have and what brought her to using heroin?

Lisa Demer:  After a young woman’s death from a heroin overdose, an Alaska village looks inward


Congratulations Tina Sena, owner of The Perfect Start coffee Cart
Soooo wouldn’t this be a great stop before beginning a road trip or heading to special occasion?

Suzanna Caldwell: These Red Bull tie-dye smoothies are a viral hit in Wasilla
WASILLA — The Perfect Start coffee cart owner Tina Sena describes her tie-dye, neon-colored Red Bull smoothies in two different ways.



$30- a month sounds like a great deal for folks!  What would you expect to see in this box?   What would you see or place in a box for where you live?
Annie Zak:  This new company wants to sell you Alaska in a box



Barbara Brown’s Our Third Thirds:
This is very short, but one of those quick jolts to the brain.

I was giving a workshop for teachers on resilience. We were looking at how we could reframe events, incidents, obstacles so we could better deal with them. One woman said she’d been frustrated over where she was in her career, but the change she wanted to make would mean going back to school for a degree.

“If I go back to school now, I won’t have my degree till I’m 55!”

Her husband: “How old will you be if you don’t go back to school?”