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907 Updates July 07, 2018

By Kyle Hopkins: Bear shot after it smashes SUV window and climbs inside at Anchorage trailhead
FYI, how do the children recover from that horrific event?
By CBS News: Father protecting his children killed by polar bear
By Liz Thomas: APD apprehends 2 after standoff in Tudor area
Picture of the motorhome??
By Devin Kelly: When car thieves and the Alaska summer intersect: An old motorhome was stolen from a campsite
By Heather Hintze: Forest Fair keeps Girdwood firefighters busy
By Alex DeMarban: Members of Anchorage mail-theft ring get up to 6 years’ prison time
By Jack Carney: Alaska attorney says immigrants serving in the military are being unfairly discharged
By Joe Vigil: Addiction group: Destroy Paradise Inn Palm Tree
BONUS VIDEO: Watch every cliff launching, car crash at Glacier View’s Independence Day Celebration Forget the fireworks, in Glacier View an Independence Day celebration is taken to a whole new level with this tradition.
By David Hulen: Listening to our readers – in new ways and old
By Elwood Brehmer, Alaska Journal of Commerce: Veteran industry engineer questions aspects of Alaska LNG plans
Huh? Can’t get elected in her home state?
By Rebecca Palsha, Richard Mauer: A South Dakotan wants your vote — for Congress from Alaska
By Kortnie Horazdovsky: Moose family stays safe on Eagle River pedestrian overpass
By Daybreak Staff: Mic Check in the Morning: Secondhand Feels
By Emily Carlson: Park of the Week: Whisper Faith Kovach Park

907 Updates July 06, 2018

By Anchorage Daily News: Commercial fisherman dies after going overboard in Cook Inlet
By Juan Montes & Mike Ross: Coffee stand robbery: dramatic video
By Leroy Polk: Anchorage man shot following argument over who owned a bicycle, suspect at large
By Mary Simton: Hillside homeowner wants justice after theft
By Liz Thomas: 1 dead in crash on KGB Road in Mat-Su
Glad she was found safe. Not publishing her name, but a clear picture of her? Strange scenario. They didn’t not know where she was, thought she might be headed toward the family cabin?
By Makayla Clark: Young kayaker found safe near Sitka
By Devin Kelly: Sexual harassment suit filed against Calista Corp., which denies allegations
By Daniella Rivera: 2015 shooting victims testify in attempted murder trial
By Marc Lester: Campbell Creek restoration puts Anchorage teens to work
By Anchorage Daily News: Coming up: Incubus, Girdwood Forest Fair, beer in the Alaska Botanical Garden
By Rhonda McBride: Frontiers 147: Angling for tomorrow
By Rhonda McBride: Frontiers 146: Great Alaska Dinosaur Adventure
By Mara Severin: A revamped menu of comfort food at Rustic Goat restaurant
By Daybreak Staff: Independent Craft Brewers Seal verifies true independent beer
By Laurel Downing Bill: Story Time with Aunt Phil: Alaska’s first governor
Only In Your State Casea Peterson: 10 Rare Photos Taken In Alaska During The Great Depression
Moms Everyday Alaska Family Features: Carrot beauty noodles

907 Updates July 05, 2018

Girdwood Forest Fair Safety Tips

5 tips from the Girdwood Fire Department to help keep you safe when you visit Forest Fair this weekend.

Drive the speed limit, obey the parking signs. Park the car and take advantage of the free local Girdwood shuttle bus.
Tune into 88.9 FM KEUL, Glacier City Radio from Bird to Hope to listen to Forest Fair live and get updates on traffic.
Be bear aware, Girdwood has many resident black and brown bears. If you are camping or renting a cabin in Girdwood, keep all food indoors or in bear proof containers. These are available to rent from the Glacier Ranger District in Girdwood and other outdoor rental locations in Anchorage. Do not keep food in tents. Do not run from bears. Know how to use bear spray.
Keep hydrated. If you need us, please call 911 and give a good description of where you are, and give firefighters room to work.
Report any fires or fireworks. As Always fireworks are illegal. NO open fires this weekend.
By Devin Kelly: Record heat prompts Anchorage-area burn bans, fireworks restrictions
By Leroy Polk: UPDATE: Young woman found, alive, after a camper helped save her life
Confiscate all liquor and automobiles~
By Mary Simton: AST: Drunk driver runs over, kills girlfriend

Confiscate all Machete’s~

By Mary Simton: Machete-wielding man threatens good Samaritan in Fairbanks
By Anchorage Daily News: Minnesota woman fatally buried under collapsing snow formation in Portage Valley
By Anchorage Daily News: 5-year-old killed by falling rock during family hike near Valdez
By Mary Simton: Body ID’d in Carr-Gottstein Park mudflats death
By Cameron Mackintosh: Woman charged by brown bear near Muldoon neighborhood
By Derek Minemyer: Alpenglow Elementary students raise money for their vandalized school
Write a song!
By Devin Kelly: Anchorage car thieves are targeting Subarus. This man’s was stolen twice in one week.
By Alex DeMarban: Searchers find bodies of missing hikers in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
By Erin McKinstry, Alaska Public Media: Junior runners battle heat at Seward’s 91st Mount Marathon Race on Wednesday
The Anchorage Daily News: Photos: Mount Marathon 2018
By Anchorage Daily News: Complete results for the 2018 Mount Marathon Race

Crime, Punishment, Personal responsibility and Financial assets?

By Andrew Kitchenman, Alaska Public Media & KTOO – Juneau: New law gives judges more discretion when setting bail

“People were being held in custody and in jail simply because they were poor,” said Alaska Public Defender Quinlan Steiner of the original bail system. He said judges were making decisions that had little to do with whether or not people were likely to show up for their court hearings.

John Skidmore directs criminal prosecutions for the state of Alaska and says other states have used scores to set bail. But, “what no state did other than the state of Alaska was to make it mandatory that the risk assessment tool absolutely controlled the judge’s discretion.”
By Michelle Theriault Boots: Feel like a swim? Here’s the lowdown on Anchorage lakes
By Mary Simton: Paradise Inn tree could be yours via auction
By Mary Simton: Fire engulfs building near Midtown
By Daybreak Staff: 500 men walk, run, bike for cancer awareness
The run is five or two miles, and takes place Saturday, July 7, at 10 a.m. at the Anchorage Football Stadium.

To register and learn more, head to
By Carey Seward: This Countryside Restaurant In Alaska Has The Most Stunning View
Comments on these books? What do you think of ebooks and audiobooks? Personally, I love ebooks! The print doesn’t fade, the pages don’t yellow or fall out, you can increase the font size, they can be a lot less expensive than printed books, more authors are available, they take up a lot less space, and on and on. Audio books = sleep. I have tried a few different audio books (subject, narrator, etc.) and they just put me to sleep.
The Cunningham Family: 2018 Reading Goal: Mid-Way Check In
We are halfway through 2018 now, (I can’t believe it!) and I wanted to check in with my yearly reading goal. First, I am on Good Reads now, and I’d love to be friends on there. (Click the link to find my profile.) It’s fun to keep track of my goals and books I want to read in the future on there. I feel so late to the party. Ha! I am also listening to more audio books than ever, using the Overdrive app to check out books from my library and listen for free.

I have discovered this year, however, that as I gave up nursing in January, I no longer have an interest in reading ebooks. I far prefer “real” books. I just love them most!

So far this year, six months in, I have read 36 books. My goal is 60, so I feel confident I will make my goal. I want to share with you three books I think you should read, three I think you should listen to, and three that I think you should skip.

907 Updates July 03, 2018

By Alex DeMarban: Police find vehicle and suspect from Monday night’s East Anchorage hit-and-run
By Mary Simton: Man arrested after attacking family member with sword
By Alex DeMarban: NPS: Evidence suggests overdue hikers may have died crossing river in Wrangell-St. Elias
By Mary Simton: Vandals cause $100k in damages to Eagle River school
By Sean Maguire: Fish and Game scales back search for bear or bears that killed Eagle River hiker
One bullet.
By Daniella Rivera: Attempted murder or crime of passion? Jury to decide in 2015 shooting
Buy a new(er) vehicle and have the folks who voted for SB91 pay for it?
By Laurel Andrews: 1990s Subaru vehicles are an emerging target for car thieves, Anchorage police say
What are the “Talkeetnans” proposing and doing to protect his private property and keep it safe for all?
By Heather Hintze: Permit for private fence on public land draws concern in Talkeetna
By Lauren Maxwell: Man meets his bio-mom in Alaska after 55 years
By Devin Kelly: Hunting an ancient disease in Alaska starts with watching patients swallow pills
By Holly Brooks: It’s gonna be a hot Mount Marathon, so racers be warned and spectators stand by — preferably with ice
By KTUU Staff: New mural celebrating Alaska in Downtown Anchorage
Moms Everyday Alaska Candace Reid: Stars and stripes pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup

907 Updates July 02, 2018

By Anchorage Daily News: Woman hospitalized after she was shot while driving an SUV in South Anchorage, police say

15 year old driver, was there an adult with her?

By Mary Simton: 1 dead in Seward Highway motorcycle crash
By Mary Simton: Passenger ejected, badly hurt in Talkeetna rollover
Troopers believe alcohol was a factor in the crash and say Nichols and the passenger were not wearing seatbelts.
By Leroy Polk: Gear-filled backpacks found near AK glacier, thought to belong to missing hikers
By Michelle Theriault Boots: Troopers arrest two, seize $56,000 of heroin in small Southeast Alaska village
By Cameron Mackintosh: Cordova hospital averts loss of internet access
Excellent ideas that are easily accomplished!
By Laurel Andrews: Protecting your property – and yourself – in Southcentral Alaska: Troopers and police share their tips

The Club
Trail Cam Pro: How to Catch a Thief Trail Cameras
By Cameron Mackintosh: U.S. Labor Secretary visits Alaska seafood plant, pipeline training center
By Scott Gross: Arctic Thunder air show breaks previous attendance record
By Mary Simton: 50th Anniversary Special Olympics kicks off in Seattle
By Michelle Theriault Boots: A moose crashed this Anchorage couple’s wedding vows
By Beth Bragg: Mount Marathon women’s race: There’s Allie, and there’s everyone else
By Lauren Maxwell: Denali-area eatery offers high-concept cuisine
Wouldn’t repealing SB91 be easier, less expensive and more importantly be in the best interest of keeping law abiding citizens safe?
Keeping up-to-date with Gov. Bill Walker
Our fix to Alaska’s pre-trial release goes into effect this weekend after signing public safety bills into law last week. Reforming the pre-trial system, ending mandatory release, and making sure judges have the discretion to set release conditions is an important one of more than 60 ways we’re working to make Alaska safer under the Public Action Safety Plan.
By Suzanne Downing: Walker flips: Offers Juneau Superior Court judgeship to lower candidate
The KNOM Newsletter (Nome Static), July 2018
Moms Everyday Alaska Alison Bickel: Baked taco dip

907 Updates July 01, 2018

By Annie Zak: Body found on mudflats near South Anchorage park
Police are investigating and asking anyone who might have any information to call police dispatch at 311.
By Mary Simton: 1 dead in South Fairbanks shooting
By Jennifer Summers: Wasilla bag ban starts Sunday
By Kyle Hopkins: The story of one Anchorage car theft — as told by both the victim and the thief
By Annie Zak: North Pole man dead after being shot by Alaska State Troopers
By Beth Bragg: A month before he died, a beloved Anchorage bartender met his daughter
We had a skywriter over the neighborhood last night. (I love skywriting, it just fascinates me.) I wondered if they were going to write “quiet” over the hillside~
By Bob Hallinen: 2018 Arctic Thunder air show takes flight
What is preventing these folks from legally immigrating to America? What does this rally/protest do to help bring legal immigrants and families to America? Is anyone offering to sponsor, provide financial support to these families? I did not see any options in this article on the steps to take to bring either legal or illegal immigrants into the country. I am not knocking the concerns, I just believe solutions need to be provided at these events.
By Annie Zak: Hundreds gather in Anchorage to protest family separations at US-Mexico border
Do you think the Iditarod race will survive for many more years? I can appreciate the effort and training involved but let’s think about all the help mushers get. Originally it was a race to save lives. Present day it’s for the money. Race course was changed, groomed trails, supply drops, etc.
By Beth Bragg: 28 mushers enter 2019 Iditarod, the smallest first-day signup this century
By Dave Goldman: Iditarod drug test creator says his departure is bittersweet but holds no grudge

Should her rapist-murderer go free? Tell the parole board

By Suzanne Downing: Should her rapist-murderer go free? Tell the parole board

On Dec. 10, 1972, Jody Stambaugh was strangled and raped in her University of Alaska Fairbanks dorm room, where she had been sleeping. The attacked occurred just before 7 am on a Sunday.

The killer, Allen Walunga, had a history of sexual attacks, and had gained secret entrance into her room, where he watched her sleep for 10-30 minutes before destroying her life and those of the many who loved her.

Jody’s roommate, an Alaskan woman living in Southcentral (who must remain anonymous because she fears the murderer to this day), was also injured, after she entered the tiny dorm room and surprised Walunga, who lunged at her and began choking her.

Read complete article and comments->

The Parole Board also takes comments from the public.

Now is the time for the community to speak. If you agree that Mr. Walunga should remain in prison, write to the parole board today.

The email address is , and make sure to send a copy of your letter to the Office of Victim’s Rights at

Sample wording for your letter to the Parole Board — use your own words:

RE: 1972 Stambaugh rape and murder

Dear Alaska Parole Board;

I urge you to not release a murderer coming up for parole who is a danger to society. Please do not release Allen Walunga.
It only takes a minute, but your voice matters to the safety of our entire community.

907 Updates June 30, 2018

By Michelle Theriault Boots: For many in Anchorage, getting a stolen car back means cleaning up a grotesque mess left behind
By Makayla Clark: Governor signs sexual assault bill
By Sean Maguire: Special Needs Day opens up Arctic Thunder to everyone
By Lauren Maxwell: Hillside Hikers and Bikers honor founding member with bench on the Coastal Trail

Will they be hit with “Gift” tax?

By Heather Hintze: Purple Heart veteran given free home
37th Annual Alaska Scottish Highland Games
By Megan Mazurek: Mic Check in the Morning: The Fire
Rsmusson Foundation: New Annual Letter to Alaska
By Tracy Sinclare: A long row to hoe: Growing Rhodiola in Alaska
End of June Saturday Market: Summer Market Hours & Location Every Saturday May 12- October 13, 9 am-2 pm Subway/ Cellular One Sports Center (corner of Old Seward and O’Malley)

907 Updates June 29, 2018

By Chris Klint: Fairbanks man’s body found in Chena River search
By Chris Klint: Homeless camp copper burning leads to S. Anchorage fire
By Leroy Polk: Alaska hospital patient allegedly stabbed nurse in the throat with ballpoint pen
By Kalinda Kindle: A mother’s ashes are stolen after a storage unit gets ransacked
By Kyle Hopkins: How counterfeit cash, SB 91 & stolen guns fit into the Anchorage car theft epidemic: A Q&A with detectives
By Steve Quinn: Troopers now posting monthly drug seizure data
By Victoria Taylor: Digital dashboard gives view of drug seizures across Alaska
ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – The Alaska State Troopers have released a new tool to give the public a closer look at the statewide drug enforcement unit. Troopers say they hope the new digital dashboard connects with communities across the state and encourages Alaskans to start having conversations.
By Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media: Tara Sweeney confirmed as assistant Interior secretary for Indian Affairs
By Seung Min Kim, The Washington Post: Focus on coming Supreme Court nomination turns to Murkowski, Collins
By Lauren Maxwell: Abandoned house in Airport Heights will be demolished
By The Associated Press: Budget woes force city of Nenana to close its library
By Alex DeMarban: New tug and crew dents oil tanker, prompting reviews as Edison Chouest takes reins in Prince William Sound
By Makayla Clark: ANSEP uses drones to teach kids about 3D modeling
Lofty Minded in Alaska: Hometown Pride Parade Follow-up
By Amy Carney: Alaska State Libraries, Archives & Museums to Close for Independence Day Holiday
Steam Laundry
Boreal Books/Red Hen Press, 2012
Steam Laundry is a novel in poems available from Boreal Books, an imprint of Red Hen Press. It tells the story of Sarah Ellen Gibson, who arrived in Fairbanks in the gold rush of 1903. With her two children, she followed her husband to Dawson City, Yukon Territory in 1898. As their relationship faltered and her business opportunities dried up, she fled to Fairbanks with hopes of opening her own hotel. The book weaves persona, with poems in the voices of many characters, lyric poems, and historical photographs and documents to trace her path. Steam Laundry was the 2017-2018 Alaska Reads selection

907 Updates June 28, 2018

Class act to raise funds for searcher’s fuel costs.
By Laurel Andrews: Troopers: Missing plane with Salcha couple on board found, with no survivors
One bullet.
By Michelle Theriault Boots: Wasilla man who fled state on last day of child sex abuse trial apprehended in Washington
By Leroy Polk: Anchorage police hunt for two men wanted in burglary case
By Chris Klint: Family of woman killed in Petersburg van crash sues city
Community supports man injured in Puerto Rico robbery
By Devin Kelly: Alaska cities, facing housing crunch, encourage backyard cottages and apartment additions
By Associated Press: Residents say Bethel is quieter after liquor store closure
By Bill Roth: Air Force Thunderbirds arrive for this weekend’s Arctic Thunder Open House
INTERVIEW: Beth flies with the Thunderbirds Ariane Aramburo and Kari Bustamante interview Channel 2 reporter Beth Verge, who flew with the Air Force Thunderbirds Wednesday afternoon.
8th Annual Halibut Cove Live is coming up In its 8th year running, Halibut Cove Live boasts live entertainment and gourmet food all benefiting the Homer Foundation
By Beth Bragg: Anchorage trapshooter wins Junior Olympic gold medal
By Rebecca Palsha: ‘I can be my own man, I can be whoever I want’–Camp Iron Sights works with teens with difficult backgrounds
By Chris Klint: ‘Never forgotten:’ Alaska’s sole Toys ‘R’ Us shutters its doors
By Megan Mazurek: Recycle your old electronics this weekend
By Megan Mazurek: Amazon encourages Alaskans to sell on its site
By Rebecca Palsha: ‘If Portland can stay weird why can’t Spenard stay funky?’–people in Spenard bid on iconic neon palm tree
By Ravenna Koenig, Alaska’s Energy Desk – Fairbanks: Girls on Ice: an all-female science immersion course on top of a glacier
The Anchorage Dads Group, a chapter of The City Dads Group, will be working with Early Emergent Readers.
Beautiful projects!
14 Mile Farm: The beauty of handspun: Rose Quartz on Stones That Heal