Images March 14, 2017

Beautiful view in Nordegg, Canada. Photo by Kalen Emsley.


by Eliot Herman March 3, 2017 sundog over Tucson, Arizona – just before sunset .


Karl Diefenderfer captured this sundog on March 6, 2017, in the skies over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s what’s called a sundog, really a piece of a larger halo, called a 22-degree halo, although the entire halo might not have been visible to Karl. Sometimes only the sundogs are visible. If you do see the entire halo, notice that the sundog is red-colored towards the sun, sometimes with greens and blues beyond, as in Karl’s photo.


Church Door: Taken in Massillon, Ohio. Nikon D300 with the fisheye lens. 1/30th sec at f8. Photo by Sandi Bohaychyk.


Russia St. Petersburg Palace Square

Russia Moscow The Kremlin