Images May 22, 2017

Profound Historic Photos
These mind-blowing photos, in both black and white and color, portray profound moments from recent history. Each photo reveals a snapshot of a time gone by. Some of the photos show instants that shook the world. Other photos reveal ordinary moments that open a window for one to peek through into the past.

1923: In Berlin a disabled World War I veteran begs for money.

1924: Friends in Ohio enjoy their new ride.

1934: In New York, Martin L. Lambert is denied a marriage license to Violet Hilton because she had a conjoined twin sister, Daisy. The judge considered it “immoral” to grant the license.

1936: The back of the Hoover Dam, rarely seen without water.

1938: a policeman catches a few youngsters in Luton, England. They were sneaking a look at the Bertram Mill Circus’ rehearsals.

1941: Babe Ruth pays his respects at Lou Gehrig’s funeral.

1948: The only items Gandhi left behind after his passing.

1952: Ronald and Nancy Reagan enjoying their honeymoon dinner at the Stork Club in New York City.

1954: Ann Hodges shows off her bruise after being hit by a meteorite.

1956: A common sign during apartheid in Johannesburg, South Africa.

1963: In Florida, less than a week before his assassination, John F. Kennedy watches the firing of a missile by a submerged nuclear submarine.

1963: Robert Kennedy being comforted by his children after learning of his brother’s assassination.

1964: An early morning train ride in Japan.

1966: A young Meryl Streep as a cheerleader at Bernards High School, New Jersey.

1967: Halftime at the first Super Bowl.
Len Dawson, #16
wiki: Len Dawson

1970: A rare glimpse of Venus, images from the Soviet probe.

1982: 86-year-old World War I veteran Joseph Ambrose attends a parade for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. In his hands, he holds the flag that covered his son’s casket, who was killed fighting in Korea.

1986: The Shuttle Challenger up close. Notice the brown smoke at the bottom right, indicating a leak, which lead to its fatal explosion.

1986: The faces of onlookers as they watch the Challenger explode.

1990: A father bids his son goodbye during the siege of Sarajevo.

1994: The funeral of Richard Nixon, attended by five US presidents.