Military April 17, 2019

By Jeff Schogol: Special operations Marine killed in vehicle rollover identified
By Elise Schmelzer, The Denver Post: The Air Force is investigating a Colorado master sergeant’s ties to a white nationalist organization
“The Air Force is aware of this allegation and Air Force officials are looking into this information at this time,” Dragos-Pritchard said in an email last week to The Denver Post. “No further information or details of this allegation can be released until the facts involving this allegation are fully reviewed. Racism, bigotry, hatred, and discrimination have no place in the Air Force.”
By Jared Keller: The Coast Guard officer who stockpiled arms and compiled a hit list of politicians isn’t facing domestic terrorism charges
By Richard Sisk: Number of Female Generals, Admirals Has Doubled Since 2000, Report Finds
By Gina Harkins: Next CNO Wants to See More Women Getting Promoted to Captain, Admiral
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By Tom Roeder: Denim Day to Bring Air Force Academy into Forefront of Sexual-Assault Discussion
By Nancy Flores: Exhibit highlights Texas women veterans’ service
Other featured women represent the different military branches and generations spanning from World War II through today. All biographies included in the exhibit can also be read at
By David Vergun: Ships, Subs, Cutters and Whatever Floats Your Boat
By Yolanda R. Arrington: Drone Mapping Improves Warfighter Training, Saves Money
DoD DVIDS: Touring the Pentagon