Military April 22, 2019

By Jeff Schogol: Airman dies in non-combat incident in Qatar
DoD: DOD Identifies Army Casualty Spc. Ryan Dennis Orin Riley
By Haley Britzky: The Army plans to reinvestigate a 2007 murder-suicide it originally concluded was ‘friendly fire’
By Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters: Chelsea Manning must remain in jail for contempt, US appeals court rules
By Hal Bernton: After Sinking of Destination, Coast Guard Slow-Walks Training for Skippers
But nine years later, the Coast Guard has yet to come up with regulations to enforce the safety mandate. Even in the aftermath of the Destination investigation, which documented the missteps that contributed to the loss of six crew members in the Bering Sea, Coast Guard leaders have yet to say when this training rule might be in place. So the stability courses remain voluntary, often sparsely attended.

“It’s’ just exasperating,” said Jerry Dzugan, executive director of the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, which offers a one-day training course. “Some laws just die and go away because no one pays any attention to the fact that regulations were never finalized.”
By Amy Bushatz: Removing Spouse Career Barriers: Libby Jamison
By Kris Osborn: ‘Gunny’ Remembered: The Life of R. Lee Ermey