Military August 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 & 09, 2022

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Quartermaster John Cooper Camp Pendleton Marine Killed in Kabul Honored with Posthumous Medal at Disneyland; Deadliest Day in Spec Ops History: The Extortion-17 Chinook Crash; Nagasaki Marks A-Bombing Anniversary Amid Nuclear War Fears; Air Force Launches Program to Help Sexual Assault, Harassment Survivors at 7 Bases and more ->


Task & Purpose: How the Army fails to keep accused sexual predators off the streets Soldiers accused of sexual assault are less than half as likely to be placed in pretrial confinement than those accused of offenses like drug use and distribution.; The 82nd Airborne awarded soldiers for the Kabul evacuation, then took the medals back for now The soldiers left the quiet awards ceremony with nothing.; ‘We never understood what winning meant’ — A decorated Marine Raider reflects on the fall of Kabul Decorated Marine Raider breaks down what went wrong in Afghanistan.; Soldiers in this Army unit can earn points towards time off. And it was all an E-4’s idea and more ->


The Untold Past: The Prison That Executed HUNDREDS Of Nazi War Criminals – The Landsberg Executions
The Untold Past: The HORRIFIC Torture Of The Prisoners Of Buchenwald
The Untold Past: The BRUTAL Executions Of Operation Greif – The Deception Of The Ardennes

World War Two: 206 – Allied Tidal Wave in Romania – WW2 – August 6 1943

World War Two: The Never Ending Failures in France – WW2 – Spies & Ties 21

Mark Felton: Forgotten 1943 Battle Between America & Canada
Mark Felton: East German Afrika Korps

SEAL Team 3 & DEVGRU Intel Officer | Silicon Valley | Kristen Murdock | Combat Story (Ep 85)

Cleared Hot Podcast: Cleared Hot Episode 245 – Rick Bucher


Black Rifle Coffee Podcast: Ep 219 Marty Skovlund Jr – Executive Editor Coffee or Die