Military August 04, 2021

Task & Purpose: Pentagon identifies officer killed in attack as ‘gregarious’ Army veteran [Updated] “Officer Gonzalez embodied our values of integrity and service to others.; Here’s why the Air Force’s workhorse C-17 is called ‘the Moose’ Moose gang turn up; Army helicopter crew pulls off tricky ‘pinnacle’ landing to rescue stranded hikers on a mountain “There is no backup camera or anything. We are the backup camera.”; A Marine’s new book is a ‘deeply lyrical account’ of infantry life in the Post 9/11 age If there is such a thing as literary justice, you will eventually find Tellessen’s truth shelved alongside Sledge and Leckie and O’Brien.; Senior enlisted Air Force leader pens typo-riddled letter demanding ‘flawless’ paperwork “Airmen arrive on-time to all appointment.” And more -> Josephine Baker Was the First Black Superstar — and World War II’s Most Unlikely Spy; Turkey Says It Won’t Shoulder New Afghan Migration, Slams US and more ->
DoD: Vietnam Veteran’s Daughter Follows in His Footsteps; Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby Holds a Press Briefing With Pentagon Police Chief Woody Kusse and more ->