Military December 08, 2018

By Rachel D’oro: Military Officials Unveil Damage from Powerful Alaska Earthquake
By Jared Keller: Watch The Navy Fly Its Largest-Ever Missing Man Formation In Honor Of George H.W. Bush
“He flew off aircraft carriers just like we do today and that’s a bond all of us share,” Rubino said in a news release. “He’s one of us. Sure he was the president of the United States, yes, but he was also a naval aviator.”
By Adam Shaw: Trump Names Milley to Succeed Dunford as Joint Chiefs Chairman
By Paul Szoldra: Devin Kelley Murdered 26 People With Legally-Purchased Firearms. The Air Force Could Have Prevented It ‘Multiple’ Times
The report concluded that Air Force personnel had “four opportunities” to collect and submit Kelley’s fingerprints to the FBI, and two opportunities to submit his final disposition report, “as required, but never did so.”

Any one of those reports would have raised red flags at the time Kelley later purchased his weapons.

“In sum, we concluded that there was no valid reason for the USAF’s failures to submit Kelley’s fingerprints and final disposition report to the FBI CJIS Division.”

You can read the full IG investigation
By Rebecca Frankel: Dyngo The War Dog Is Having Trouble, And We Could Use a Little Help
By Jared Keller: Senior Army General Reportedly Asked Whether Green Beret Ambushed In Niger Was Eligible For Medal Of Honor
U.S. Department of Defense Know Your Military: Your military is an all-volunteer force that serves to protect our security and way of life. They are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors.
David Goggins: Toughest Man Alive