Military December 09, 2018

By Jared Keller: The Pentagon Scapegoated Junior Officers For The Niger Ambush. Then Mattis Got Involved
The Department of Defense last month did an about-face on the punishments handed down to members of the Green Beret team deemed responsible for the deadly Oct. 4, 2017, ambush in Niger that left four Army Special Forces personnel dead, the New York Times reports, shifting blame from junior officers to more senior commanders following a furious intervention from Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
By Drew Brooks, The Fayetteville Observer: The 2nd SFAB Is Gearing Up For Its New Advise-And-Assist Mission In Afghanistan
The brigade has adopted the motto “Everyone fights.” And to that end, soldiers must be prepared to step in if one of their teammates is injured or unavailable.

That means Sgt. Desja Williams is leading training on how to make repairs to the team’s MaxxPro armored vehicles. And Sgt. Tyler Twigg is hosting medical training.
By Richard Sisk: More Than Half of Wounded, Sick, Injured Post-9/11 Veterans Rated Obese
By Jeff Mcmenemy: National Guard Hears ‘Heartbreaking’ Cancer Stories
By Omar Abdel Baqui: Yankee Air Museum Hosts 75th Birthday for Last B-25 Combat Bomber
Pssst…Charlie October Delta Echo, Over… How Well Do You Know Your Code Talker Translations?
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