Military December 14, 2018

Memorial Ceremony for Raymond Chavez, Oldest Pearl Harbor Survivor
Media Availability With Deputy Secretary Shanahan and Under Secretary of Defense Griffin at NDIA Hypersonics Senior Executive Series
By Erika I. Ritchie, The Orange County Register: Marine Drill Instructor Receives Posthumous Heroism Honor For Rescuing 2 Women Trapped In Cars
By Christina Larson: Scientists Scour WWI Shipwreck to Solve Military Mystery
By Oriana Pawlyk: Pentagon to Bill Saudi Arabia, UAE $331 Million for Fuel and Flight Hours
The U.S. will seek reimbursement for $331 million from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for the refueling and flight hours that the U.S. Air Force has provided during the last three years in the Yemen conflict.

Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, disclosed the request Thursday following a months-long inquiry into how the Defense Department is accounting for fuel and flight hours spent supporting the Saudi-coalition air strikes in Yemen.
By Justin Wingerter, The Oklahoman: Senator On Defense Committee Bought Raytheon Stock After Pushing For Record Pentagon Budget
“Sen. Inhofe buying stock in a defense contractor at the same time that he is promoting a big increase in taxpayer spending on defense just reeks of the swamp,” said Brendan Fischer with the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan watchdog group.

“If Sen. Inhofe were in the executive branch, he likely couldn’t buy or hold Raytheon stock. Executive officials are barred from even holding stock in companies that could present a conflict. But senators have declined to adopt similar rules for themselves.”

Federal ethics laws allow lawmakers to trade stock, so long as they use only public information when doing so. Because the increase in defense spending was publicly announced prior to Inhofe’s stock purchase, it seemingly was within the letter of the law.
By Paul Szoldra: Literal ‘Jody’ Sentenced To 15 Years For Living In Deployed Soldier’s Home, Stealing His Stuff
After his initial arrest Hunt worked out a plea deal for five years in jail, but that went down the toilet after he was released from jail and a couple weeks later decided to steal a truck and items from the local Kmart, Walmart, and Universal Athletic — all while carrying around meth.

On a positive note, at least Hunt is no longer homeless.