Military January 05, 2018

By Katie Lange Defense Media Activity: It’s Time: How to Opt into the New Blended Retirement System
Huh, be interesting to know what his former C.O’s think of him.
By Ben Phillips: Marc William Hampton – ‘My America’ according to an ex-Army cavalry scout, tanker (VIDEO)
Originally from California, he now resides in Radcliff, Kentucky, adjacent to the Fort Knox Army Base. His daily driver is a decommissioned M35A1 deuce and a half truck. In this video, he explains the many benefits of this vehicle.


By Chris Eger: A quick look at Marine snipers and their rifles through the years (PHOTOS)
Soldiers Participate in Multinational Sniper School Tryouts
Marine Maker: A Course in Innovation

By Marine Corps Sgt. Ian Ferro, Marine Forces Reserve: Face of Defense: Funeral Details Enhance Marine’s Commitment to Service
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Mattis Discusses U.S.-South Korean Exercises, Iran Protests
Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis: Press Gaggle with Secretary Mattis

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