Military January 20, 2019

Associated Press: Strangers Rally to Attend Funeral for Vietnam War Veteran Who Died Alone
By James Clark: A C-17 Did A Low Pass Over Nashville And Scared The Absolute Hell Out Of Everyone
By Paul Szoldra: Boat Captain Radios Coast Guard: ‘We Appreciate You Guys Being There Without Pay’
Some lawmakers have been working on a bill to pay the Coast Guard during the shutdown, which is still being negotiated. “We’re making progress,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska).
By Dan Copp: Veteran Who Threatened to ‘Shoot Up’ a Walmart Suffers from PTSD
“I understand Walmart’s perspective in regards to notifying police because they have certain protocol to follow regarding the safety of their customers,” Santa said. “However, this situation is not as it appears. This is an opportunity to provide Mr. Albarado with the help he needs instead of sending him to jail.

“Mr. Albarado is approaching 70 years old and can barely stand. I feel we as a community can simultaneously ensure public safety while providing our veterans with the mental health care they deserve. This is an unfortunate situation in which Mr. Albarado’s wife is now without medical care and her medical condition is quickly deteriorating.”
High Intensity, High Impact, No Forgiveness