Military January 29, 2019

By Rose L. Thayer: Three Are Arrested in ‘Senseless, Cowardly’ Killing of Airman in Texas
By Jeff Schogol: He Accidentally Shot Himself In The Head. Now This Soldier Is Fighting To Be Medically Retired
Timmons described Hoylan as a young and relatively inexperienced junior enlisted soldier who “fell victim to peer pressure” to do something stupid when he accidentally shot himself in the head. There is no evidence that Hoylan was to avoid service by becoming permanently disabled.

“The regulation is very clear that absent willful misconduct in the commission of a crime or deliberate intent to harm someone, it’s line of duty,” Timmons said. “Here, in this case, my client did not intentionally mean to harm himself. Although it was a reckless, stupid act, he had no thought there was actually a bullet in the gun when he fired it. Because of his lack of knowledge, by default the rule is line of duty.”

As a result of his injuries, Hoylan is paralyzed and he suffered brain damage, Timmons said. Ultimately, either Army Secretary Mark Esper will decide Hoylan’s appeal, which is due on Feb. 28.
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Combat Obscura isn’t about “painting these guys as heroes or victims” or “painting this war as an ultimately good thing in the long run,” Lagoze said, adding that it’s about “showing an honest to God depiction that doesn’t cater to either side of the political spectrum, and humanizing these guys and showing, ultimately, the futility of this whole experience.”
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