Military October 10, 2022

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Chief Gunner’s Mate Oscar Schmidt Jr. and more ->
 As Suicides Rise, US Military Seeks to Address Mental Health; Veteran, 95, Who Served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam Honored; Shipwrecked Fishermen Who Battled Sharks with Their Bare Hands Saved by Coast Guard and more ->


Task & Purpose: Who gets to call themselves a ‘combat veteran’? The debate is back.; Watch a Ukrainian soldier take out a Russian cruise missile with a MANPADS What a shot!; The end of the brown beret: Air Force special ops squadron shuts down after 28 years advising allied aviators A unit you’ve never heard of played a major role building up friendly air forces for decades.; Army Secretary to leaders: stay out of online ‘culture wars’ Army Secretary Christine Wormuth also pushed back against the characterization that the Army is “woke.”; The Sergeant Major of the Army knows what you’ve heard about the service. He’s working on it “If it was easy, somebody else would have done it.” And more ->


The Untold Past: The COMPELLING Executions Of The Nuremberg Generals

Mark Felton Productions: I’ve Found a WW2 Bomb Site! The Norwich Blitz Crossroads THEN & NOW
Mark Felton Productions: Special Mission V-2 – America’s Race to Capture Hitler’s Missiles

VOICES OF HISTORY PRESENTS – George Edward Wahlen Navy Corpsman MEDAL OF HONOR Iwo Jima 1945


Back Rifle Coffee Company: Stuart Scheller: Crisis of Command | Ep 228 Black Rifle Coffee Podcast

Mike Ritland: Former Congressman Allen West | Mike Ritland Podcast Episode 114