Quotes October 15, 2021

“No nation ever had an army large enough to guarantee it against attack in time of peace, or ensure it of victory in time of war.”
Calvin Coolidge
“A leader leads by example not by force.”
Sun Tzu
“An army without culture is a dull-witted army, and a dull-witted army cannot defeat the enemy.”
Mao Zedong
“The army teaches boys to think like men.”
Elvis Presley
“Civilians enjoy their time because soldiers sacrifice their time.”
Amit Kalantri
Those who do not appreciate the soldiers and instead pompously talk about peace, should try to live a single day without the soldiers.”
Abhijit Naskar
“War is life multiplied by some number that no one has ever heard of.”
Sebastian Junger
“I owe everything to the army.”
Norman Wisdom
“I loved the Army as an institution and loathed every single thing it required me to do.”
Simon Raven
“It’s almost worth having been in the army for the joy your freedom gives you.”
John Dos Passos
“Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men.”
George S. Patton
“Success in battle is not a function of how many show up, but who they are.”
Robert H. Barrow