Quotes September 27, 2019

“There is no such thing as a secure system.”
Lisa Porter, the deputy undersecretary of defense for research and engineering
“Recovering from losing limbs it’s an exercise in how often you can swallow you pride and still feel like a human.
Mary Dague (Army EOD Combat Vet)
“I had a lot of friends who didn’t make it back,” he said in the release. “And even more who did make it back, but then couldn’t win the battle with themselves after the war.”
Shawn Campbell,
former Army staff sergeant, combat medic
“I left a piece of my soul that will always rightfully belong in the desert.”
M.B. Dallocchio, The Desert Warrior
“They [442nd Regimental Combat Team] did more than defend America. They helped define America at its best…Rarely has a nation been so well served by a people it has so ill-treated.”
President Bill Clinton, quoted in Honor Before Glory