907 Updates July 01, 2018

By Annie Zak: Body found on mudflats near South Anchorage park
Police are investigating and asking anyone who might have any information to call police dispatch at 311.
By Mary Simton: 1 dead in South Fairbanks shooting
By Jennifer Summers: Wasilla bag ban starts Sunday
By Kyle Hopkins: The story of one Anchorage car theft — as told by both the victim and the thief
By Annie Zak: North Pole man dead after being shot by Alaska State Troopers
By Beth Bragg: A month before he died, a beloved Anchorage bartender met his daughter
We had a skywriter over the neighborhood last night. (I love skywriting, it just fascinates me.) I wondered if they were going to write “quiet” over the hillside~
By Bob Hallinen: 2018 Arctic Thunder air show takes flight
What is preventing these folks from legally immigrating to America? What does this rally/protest do to help bring legal immigrants and families to America? Is anyone offering to sponsor, provide financial support to these families? I did not see any options in this article on the steps to take to bring either legal or illegal immigrants into the country. I am not knocking the concerns, I just believe solutions need to be provided at these events.
By Annie Zak: Hundreds gather in Anchorage to protest family separations at US-Mexico border
Do you think the Iditarod race will survive for many more years? I can appreciate the effort and training involved but let’s think about all the help mushers get. Originally it was a race to save lives. Present day it’s for the money. Race course was changed, groomed trails, supply drops, etc.
By Beth Bragg: 28 mushers enter 2019 Iditarod, the smallest first-day signup this century
By Dave Goldman: Iditarod drug test creator says his departure is bittersweet but holds no grudge