907 Updates September 3, 2016

Danae Dawneall Kish  Using Priorities and Conscience as her formula, the end result is now hit and run driving. The comments in the below article are a sad, but true statement of Anchorage’s judicial system.

kish, danae

Chris Klint  Prosecutors: Driver charged in hit-and-run that hurt pedestrian was ‘concerned with the damage to her car’



Alaska Business Monthly Michelle Anderson and Ahtna Focusing in On Alaska


Anchorage Loussac Library Youth Events September 2016


Recognize any of the original artists mentioned?
This year the New York Academy of Medicine invited museums and libraries to share images from their collections as coloring sheets for kids and adults. Hundreds of libraries and museums around the world started participating, sharing images, and creating printable coloring pages. We will link to some of our favorites on the right. Below are images we found in the Alaska collection to share. (Printable PDFs on the right.) Please share your images online and tag @anchlibrary and use hashtag #colorourcollections!

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