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FYI January 01, 2017

  On this day: 45 BC – The Julian calendar takes effect as the civil calendar of the Roman Empire, establishing January 1 as the new date of the new year.   1772 – The first traveler’s cheques, which can be used in 90 European cities, go on sale in London, England.   1773 – …

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Videos December 31, 2016

Excellent!  Thank you Lt. Col. Ed Lynch .          

Videos December 30, 2016

Stef Schrader: Watching Grown Men Eat It On Barbie Jeeps Never Gets Old      

FYI December 30, 2016

Bacon Day   NATIONAL BICARBONATE OF SODA DAY National Bicarbonate of Soda Day or Baking Soda day is observed annually each year on December 30th. According to, here are a few of the many uses for baking soda: Add baking soda to your bath water to relieve sunburned or itchy skin. Make a paste …

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FYI December 29, 2016

NATIONAL PEPPER POT DAY Pepper Pot is a thick stew of beef tripe, vegetables, pepper and other seasonings. The origins of the stew are steeped in legend, with one story attributing the dish to Christopher Ludwick, baker general of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. According to this story, during the harsh winter …

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Videos December 28, 2016


Videos December 26, 2016

  Jay surprises a Veteran, U.S. Army Private First Class Stephanie Morris    

Videos December 25, 2016

Special Promo:  Able to view this video for free until 12/27/2016.  After that, it is pay-for-view through Amazon Prime.    

Videos December 24, 2016


Videos December 20, 2016