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Elissa Strati -> The Sunday Bulletin is Here: It’s Never Too Late for Love

Dear Readers~

I’m Elissa Strati (why, yes, that’s Melissa without an M!) and I’m delighted to be with you today.

Like my heroine, Melissa Ricci, in Love’s Odds, I was over forty when I found my HEA (Happily Ever After) but Melissa put her own spin on things. I, myself, didn’t know until the last chapters whom she would select as she opened her mind and heart to God and love.

Although I have worked with words most of my life, I had never published a novel, so when Melissa Storm invited me into her new Kindle World I was thrilled to have the opportunity. While the writing itself is a solitary process, I soon found myself embraced by a new family, my fellow First Street Church Authors, many of whom are already well-known. The amazing support I received pushed me to learn the new skills (Creating a cover! Formatting for Kindle! Using styles in Word!) I needed—the writing became the easy part. Brainstorming with others became one of the joys.

Elissa Strati -> Read complete article The Sunday Bulletin is Here: It’s Never Too Late for Love

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(I met Elissa through Facebook via WASP page. Our mom’s did not serve together.)