FYI August 07, 2020

On This Day

1782 – George Washington orders the creation of the Badge of Military Merit to honor soldiers wounded in battle.[9] It is later renamed to the more poetic Purple Heart.
The Badge of Military Merit was a military award of the United States Armed Forces. It is largely considered America’s first military decoration, and the second oldest in the world (after the Cross of St. George).[a] The award was only given to non-commissioned officers and privates. The Purple Heart is the official successor decoration of the Badge of Military Merit.[2]



Born On This Day

1869 – Mary Frances Winston, American mathematician (d. 1959)[46]
Mary Frances Winston Newson (August 7, 1869 – December 5, 1959) was an American mathematician. She became the first female American to receive a PhD in mathematics from a European university, namely the University of Göttingen in Germany.[1] She was also the first person to translate Hilbert’s problems into English.




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