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On This Day

309/310 – Pope Eusebius is banished by the Emperor Maxentius to Sicily, where he dies, possibly from a hunger strike.
Pope Eusebius was the bishop of Rome from 18 April 310 until his death on 17 August 310.

Difficulty arose, as in the case of his predecessor, Marcellus I, out of Eusebius’s attitude toward the lapsi.[1][2] Eusebius maintained the attitude of the Roman Church, adopted after the Decian persecutions (250–51), that the apostates should not be forever debarred from ecclesiastical communion, but readmitted after doing proper penance. This view was opposed by a faction of Christians in Rome under the leadership of Heraclius. Johann Peter Kirsch believes it likely that Heraclius was the chief of a party made up of apostates and their followers, who demanded immediate restoration to the Roman Church. Emperor Maxentius intervened and exiled them both.[3]

Eusebius died in exile in Sicily very soon after being banished and was buried in the catacomb of Callixtus.[4] Pope Damasus I placed an epitaph of eight hexameters over his tomb because of his firm defense of ecclesiastical discipline and the banishment which he suffered thereby.[3][2] His feast is celebrated on 17 August. The feast had previously been observed on 26 September.[4]


Born On This Day

1153 – William IX, Count of Poitiers (d. 1156)
William (17 August 1153 – 1156) was the first son of King Henry II of England and Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine.[1] He was born in Normandy on the same day that his father’s rival, Eustace IV of Boulogne, died.

William either died aged 3 on 2 December 1156,[2][3] or aged 2 in April 1156.[4] This was due to a seizure at Wallingford Castle, and he was buried in Reading Abbey at the feet of his great-grandfather Henry I.[4]

At the time of his death, William was reigning as Count of Poitiers, as his mother had ceded the county to him. For centuries, the dukes of Aquitaine had held this as one of their minor titles, so it had passed to Eleanor from her father; giving it to her son was effectively a revival of the title, separating it from the duchy. Some authorities say he also held the title of “Archbishop of York”, but this is probably an error. His half-brother Geoffrey (died 1212), who was born a year before William, later held that office, causing the confusion.



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