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1741 – Eruption of Oshima–Ōshima and the Kampo tsunami: At least 2,000 people along the Japanese coast drown in a tsunami caused by the eruption of Oshima.[3]
The devastating eruption of Oshima–Ōshima began on the 18th of August, 1741 and ended on May 1 the next year.[4] Five days into the eruption, the Kampo tsunami (Japanese: 寛保津波, Hepburn: Kampo tsunami) with estimated maximum heights of over 90 meters swept across neighboring islands in Japan and the Korean Peninsula.



Born On This Day

1847 – Sarah Frances Whiting, American physicist and astronomer (d. 1927)
Sarah Frances Whiting (August 23, 1847 – September 12, 1927) was an American physicist and astronomer. She was one of the founders and the first director of the Whitin Observatory at Wellesley College. She instructed several notable astronomers and physicists, including Annie Jump Cannon.




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LPT: Silence is a choice and not engaging people is often a wise move. Don’t feel the need to offer an opinion nor talk to people if you don’t have to.
LPT: You can improve your quality of life in large ways by doing very small things for yourself everyday.

This may have been posted before, but I’ve been trying this in my own life and have had wonders worked for me. For example, have to take lots of medication everyday? I always forget if I’ve taken one of mine. So I portion them out into containers so I always know how many I’ve got left for the day. Another, I exercise for 30 minutes every morning which greatly improves my mood regardless of losing weight. Create a To-Do list so I don’t get overwhelmed with my daily tasks. Things that take such small amounts of time can have big impacts on you mentally!

Edit: Thank you for the awards kind strangers!
LPT: Do not ask to hang out with somebody again if you’ve unsuccessfully tried three consecutive times. Your time and confidence are more important than competing with whatever else they’ve prioritized.

Edit: there are lot of salty people in here who apparently like getting asked to hang out, but never put in the effort to return the favor after three consecutive times. Additional LPT: Maybe ask your friends to hang out at least once every four times (or offer an alternative) so the relationship isn’t so one sided.

The Instant Pot Folks!
By Natalie Johnson, Methow Valley News: UPDATED: Company donates 2,000 air purifiers, replacement filters to Methow Valley
The Passive Voice, From The Guardian: How Charles Dickens built Bleak House
Al Cross and Heather Chapman at The Rural Blog: Rural-urban digital divide narrows; less than 1/3 of rural adults said government should make sure all are connected; Feds create portal to directly forgive PPP loans after banks drag feet; top banks opt out, leaving businesses at their mercy; Rural Midwestern bankers still optimistic about economy, but worry about drought, hiring shortages, and infrastructure bill ; The Everly Brothers are both gone now; Don passes at 84; Sense of community, common sacrifice missing among many in pandemic, especially politicians, Silas House writes; Tom T. Hall, who did ‘a rhyming journalism of the heart,’ dies





What are the chances these items are available in Alaska?
By Heather McClees, The Kitchn: The 10 Best Frozen Dinner Shortcuts to Buy at Costco Right Now
Sarah Tramonte, Taste of Home Associate Culinary Producer: Baked Feta Pasta
Food Network Kitchen: Salmon and Zucchini Sheet Pan Dinner
Betty Crocker Kitchens: “Tie-Dye” Cupcakes





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