FYI December 06, 2018

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963 – Pope Leo VIII is appointed to the office of Protonotary and begins his papacy as antipope of Rome.
An antipope (Latin: antipapa) is a person who, in opposition to the one who is generally seen as the legitimately elected Pope, makes a significantly accepted competing claim to be the Pope,[1] the Bishop of Rome and leader of the Catholic Church. At times between the 3rd and mid-15th centuries, antipopes were supported by a fairly significant faction of religious cardinals and secular or anti-religious monarchs and kingdoms. Persons who claim to be pope, but have few followers, such as the modern sedevacantist antipopes, are not classified with the historical antipopes.


Born On This Day

1478 – Baldassare Castiglione, Italian courtier, diplomat, and author (d. 1529)
Baldassare Castiglione (Italian: [baldasˈsaːre kastiʎˈʎoːne]; December 6, 1478 – February 2, 1529),[1] count of Casatico, was an Italian courtier, diplomat, soldier and a prominent Renaissance author,[2] who is probably most famous for his authorship of Il Cortegiano or The Book of the Courtier. The work was an example of a courtesy book, dealing with questions of the etiquette and morality of the courtier, and was very influential in 16th-century European court circles.[3]

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By Karma Allen: Prosecutor wants death penalty for border agent accused of killing 4 women
By Rocky Parker: Get Your Daily Dose of News From These 10 Trusted Healthcare Sites
By Heather Chapman: New federal rules could ease shortage of foster parents
The proposed regulations underwent a public comment period this summer and fall. States and 12 Native American tribes now have until April to explain how they are working to align their foster care standards with the new regulations, Wirtz reports.
Surprise, baby: It’s YouTube Rewind 2018!

By Robert Sanders: Acrobatic geckos can even race on water’s surface
By NBC4 Staff: Ohio dad makes daughter walk to school after she’s caught bullying on the bus
By Andrew Griffin: SpaceX rocket spectacularly smashes down to Earth in video
Falcon 9 rocket managed to survive disastrous crash, says Elon Musk
By Andrei Suhenco: How a 105-Year-Old Ukrainian Called Life’s Bluff
At 105 years old, Chibalo had far exceeded the average, but his work gave his life meaning and so he worked. Until one day, after walking home from work, he had his charka of vodka, just like he had done every day since the end of the War, and sat down to rest under a tree in his yard. He fell asleep and never woke up. It was February 23, 1969. And he had died like he always knew he would. At peace.
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irene: Homely Potato Soup

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