FYI February 19, 2020

On This Day

1674 – England and the Netherlands sign the Treaty of Westminster, ending the Third Anglo-Dutch War. A provision of the agreement transfers the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam to England, and it is renamed New York.
The Treaty of Westminster, concluded between the Lord Protector of the English Commonwealth, Oliver Cromwell, and the States General of the United Netherlands, was signed on 5/15 April 1654.[2]:7 The treaty ended the First Anglo-Dutch War (1652–1654). The treaty is otherwise notable because it is one of the first treaties implementing international arbitration as a method of conflict resolution in early modern times. A secret clause, obliging the States of Holland to enact the Act of Seclusion, played an important part in Dutch internal politics during the First Stadtholderless Period.



Born On This Day

1939 – Erin Pizzey, English activist and author, founded Refuge
Erin Patria Margaret Pizzey[needs IPA] (born 19 February 1939) is an English family care activist and a novelist. She is known for having started the first domestic violence shelter in the modern world, Chiswick Women’s Aid, in 1971,[2] the organization known today as Refuge.[1] Haven House[3] is often cited as the first women’s refuge (called women’s shelters in Canada and the U.S.), but at the time of their founding they only worked to help the mentally ill transition from committed life in a hospital to life in the outside world. By contrast the refuge started by Erin Pizzey was focused on removing victims of domestic abuse from their abusers, in an attempt to break the cycle.

Pizzey has been the subject of death threats and boycotts because of her research into the claim that most domestic violence is reciprocal, and that women are equally capable of violence as men. Pizzey has said that the threats were from militant feminists.[4][5][6] She has also said that she is banned from the refuge she started.[7][8]




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