FYI February 27, 2021

On This Day

1617 – Sweden and Russia sign the Treaty of Stolbovo, ending the Ingrian War and shutting Russia out of the Baltic Sea.
The Treaty of Stolbovo (Freden i Stolbova) was a peace treaty which ended the Ingrian War (Swedish: Ingermanländska kriget) which had been fought between Sweden and Russia between 1610 and 1617.[1][2]



Born On This Day

1859 – Bertha Pappenheim, Austrian-German activist and author (d. 1936)[11]
Bertha Pappenheim (27 February 1859 – 28 May 1936) was an Austrian-Jewish feminist, a social pioneer, and the founder of the Jewish Women’s Association (Jüdischer Frauenbund). Under the pseudonym Anna O., she was also one of Josef Breuer’s best documented patients because of Freud’s writing on Breuer’s case.




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