FYI January 11, 2019

On This Day

532 – Nika riots in Constantinople: A quarrel between supporters of different chariot teams—the Blues and the Greens—in the Hippodrome escalates into violence.
The Nika riots (Greek: Στάσις τοῦ Νίκα Stásis toû Níka), or Nika revolt, took place against Emperor Justinian I in Constantinople over the course of a week in AD 532. They were the most violent riots in the city’s history, with nearly half of Constantinople being burned or destroyed and tens of thousands of people killed.


Born On This Day

1757 – Samuel Bentham, English engineer and architect (d. 1831)
Sir Samuel Bentham (11 January 1757 – 31 May 1831) was a noted English mechanical engineer and naval architect credited with numerous innovations, particularly related to naval architecture, including weapons. He was the only surviving sibling of philosopher Jeremy Bentham, with whom he had a close bond.




By Rhett Jones: The First Dumb Meme Accident of 2019 Is Here
By George Dvorsky: See the First Panorama of the Far Side of the Moon, Captured by China’s Chang’e 4 Lander
Today’s email was written by Whet Moser, edited by Jessanne Collins, and produced by Luiz Romero. Quartz Obsession: The vampire squid
By Ed Silverman: Louisiana proceeds with plans for a ‘Netflix’ subscription model to buy hepatitis C drugs
By Laura Hazard Owen: “Here’s what else you need to know today”: The New York Times launches a flash audio briefing and other voice stuff for Alexa
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By Molly Fosco: Learn All About Weed on This Epic San Francisco Tour
Why you should care
This tour is Parts Unknown meets the History Channel for marijuana.

By Sean Braswell: The Great Writers Who Suffered Greatly From Physical Ailments
Why you should care
Great art often comes from great suffering, but some artists suffer more than others.

Politico Jason Schwartz: Hannity at the border — 100 days since Khashoggi — Bezos drama — Storyful layoffs

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The Rural Blog Spot: Anti-journalism feeling felt at local level; journalists need to explain their work, build good faith and find common ground, New laws make telehealth easier, will likely increase demand for rural broadband and more ->
What happens when two teenagers were asked to make a call on a rotary phone
Great comments!
By Jeff Lavery: Express Mail: Twin-Engined Postal Jeep


Our Crafty Mom: How To Make A Beautiful Epoxy Resin Desk
By Hometalk Highlights: Grab A Basket And Copy These 30 Ideas! You know those cheap bins and baskets? Use them to make your home beautiful





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