FYI July 21, 2022

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365 – The 365 Crete earthquake affected the Greek island of Crete with a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme), causing a destructive tsunami that affects the coasts of Libya and Egypt, especially Alexandria. Many thousands were killed.
The 365 Crete earthquake occurred at about sunrise on 21 July 365 in the Eastern Mediterranean,[4][5] with an assumed epicentre near Crete.[6] Geologists today estimate the undersea earthquake to have been a moment magnitude 8.5 or higher.[5] It caused widespread destruction in the central and southern Diocese of Macedonia (modern Greece), Africa Proconsularis (northern Libya), Egypt, Cyprus, Sicily,[7] and Hispania (Spain).[8] On Crete, nearly all towns were destroyed.[5]

The earthquake was followed by a tsunami which devastated the southern and eastern coasts of the Mediterranean, particularly Libya, Alexandria, and the Nile Delta, killing thousands and hurling ships 3 km (1.9 mi) inland.[3] The quake left a deep impression on the late antique mind, and numerous writers of the time referred to the event in their works.[9]



Born On This Day

1620 – Jean Picard, French astronomer (d. 1682)
Jean Picard (21 July 1620 – 12 July 1682) was a French astronomer and priest born in La Flèche, where he studied at the Jesuit Collège Royal Henry-Le-Grand.

He is principally notable for his accurate measure of the size of the Earth, based on a careful survey of one degree of latitude along the Paris Meridian.



NASA: Astronomy Picture of the Day

By Ellen Gutoskey, Mental floss: 11 Songs Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings Thanks to Led Zeppelin, there is nothing more rock ‘n’ roll than Gollum slipping away with your girl.
James Clear: 3-2-1: Paying attention, staying hopeful in bad times, and ten year plans
Orion: What Counts as Seeing A conversation between Alice Wong and Ed Yong
By Mark Kennedy, AP News: The Chainsmokers to perform at the edge of space
Duke Fuqua: Coach K’s Advice for Leaders Includes Creating Standards, Not Rules Mike Krzyzewski shares lessons on how to create common purpose among teams

“Only let good people on your bus because you’re never going to get to your destination alone,” Krzyzewski says, quoting his mother.


By Jay Cohen, AP News: NASCAR to hit the streets of Chicago with downtown race

Salk News: Making a memory positive or negative Salk researchers pinpoint a neurotransmitter that helps assign positive or negative emotions to a memory

By Zack Whittaker, Tech Crunch: Security flaws in a popular GPS tracker are exposing a million vehicle locations

By Matt Wood, UChicago News: New fossil shows four-legged fishapod that returned to the water while Tiktaalik ventured onto land Tiktaalik illustration New fossil is closely related to other animals that made the transition to land
By ThrillList Entertainment: The Best Memes of 2022 (So Far) Rounding up the dankest memes that we can’t stop seeing on our feeds.


By Jessica Stewart, My Modern Met: NASA Reveals Its 2022 Photographers of the Year
By Jessica Stewart, My Modern Met: Vintage Typewriters Are Taken Apart and Reassembled Into Movable Bird Sculptures
By John Lewis and Tom Page, CNN, Inside Africa: How duck ‘soldiers’ became this 300-year-old winemaker’s secret weapon

By Annabelle Timsit, The Washington Post: We asked Emmanuel the TikTok-interrupting emu about his sudden fame

By Dhananjay Khadilkar, ARS Technica: How one institution keeps claiming math’s highest award One institute has had 12 math faculty, and eight of them have won the Fields Medal.

By Alex Marquardt, Daria Markina and Paul Devitt, CNN: The 10-year-old checkers champion winning hearts and money for Ukraine’s army



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