FYI June 04, 2022

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1615 – Siege of Osaka: Forces under Tokugawa Ieyasu take Osaka Castle in Japan.
The siege of Osaka (大坂の役, Ōsaka no Eki, or, more commonly, 大坂の陣 Ōsaka no Jin) was a series of battles undertaken by the Japanese Tokugawa shogunate against the Toyotomi clan, and ending in that clan’s destruction. Divided into two stages (winter campaign and summer campaign), and lasting from 1614 to 1615, the siege put an end to the last major armed opposition to the shogunate’s establishment. The end of the conflict is sometimes called the Genna Armistice (元和偃武, Genna Enbu), because the era name was changed from Keichō to Genna immediately following the siege.



Born On This Day

1563 – George Heriot, Scottish goldsmith (d. 1624)
George Heriot (15 June 1563 – 12 February 1624) was a Scottish goldsmith and philanthropist. He is chiefly remembered today as the founder of George Heriot’s School, a large independent school in Edinburgh; his name has also been given to Heriot-Watt University, as well as several streets (and one pub) in the same city.

Heriot was the court goldsmith to Anne of Denmark, the wife of King James VI of Scotland, as well as to the king himself; he became very wealthy from this position, and wealthier still as a result of lending this money back to the king and the rest of his court. He moved to London along with the court in 1603, at the time of the Union of Crowns, and remained in London until he died in 1624. He had married twice but had no recognised children surviving at the time of his death, and he left the bulk of his estate to found a hospital to care for “faitherless bairns” (orphaned children) in his home city.




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Guillermo Paz: Musicians and Singers who died in May 2022: In Memoriam

Prisoner’s Rights… huh. I will not go off on a rant. If someone is redeemable, has not committed violent crimes such as murder, rape, sexual abuse, etc. then I can see it. However, people who have not committed crimes and are barely keeping their heads above water need assistance more.
By Victoria Law, Narratively: This Former Inmate Is Fighting for Every Prisoner’s Right to a College Degree After budget cuts gutted prison higher-ed programs, Cheryl Wilkins demanded the chance to learn behind bars. Now she’s making sure others get the same life-changing opportunity.

By Emily Temple, Literary Hub: Life Advice from the Late Robert M. Pirsig A little wisdom from the iconic author of ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’.
By Rachel Klein, MEL Magazine: With ‘The Far Side,’ Gary Larson Pioneered the Art of the Meme There couldn’t be a ‘Is This a Pigeon?’ without a ‘Beware of Doug’.

Colion Noir: Joe Biden Questions Why Anyone Needs A 9mm Handgun
Colion Noir: Beto O’Rourke: AR-15 Owners Should Not Be Able to Keep Them

Colion Noir: There is nothing more dangerous than a man that will do anything for power.






By OffshootCreations: Pallet Wood Bird Feeder
By QCJ3: MacroPad – Macro Keyboard
By AlexCreations: Mechanical Cardboard Bird
By jollynnolan: Cardboard Pixels-perfect for a Creative Indoor Recess


By In The Kitchen With Matt: Danish Butter Cookies
By Becky Krystal, The Washingotn Post: This Buttery British Shortbread Is Our New Favorite 5-Ingredient Treat Mary Berry comes through again, with a five-ingredient recipe that you can throw together in minutes.

Just the Recipe: Paste the URL to any recipe, click submit, and it’ll return literally JUST the recipe- no ads, no life story of the writer, no nothing EXCEPT the recipe.




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