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1499 – Publication of the Catholicon, written in 1464 by Jehan Lagadeuc in Tréguier; this is the first Breton dictionary as well as the first French dictionary.
Catholicon (from Greek Καθολικόν, meaning “universal”) is a 15th-century Breton-French-Latin dictionary. It is the first Breton dictionary and also the first French dictionary. It contains six thousand entries and was compiled in 1464 by the Breton priest Jehan Lagadeuc. It was printed in 1499 in Tréguier. A manuscript of the dictionary is preserved in the national library in Paris identified as Latin 7656.

This Catholicon is referred to by some historians as the Catholicon Armoricum, in reference to Armorica which is a name for Brittany in Latin. It is a different dictionary than the Catholicon Anglicum which is an English-Latin dictionary compiled at very nearly the same time in England. The Catholicon Armoricum is also to be distinguished from the Catholicon of John of Genoa a dictionary dated late 13th century written in Italy.

Le Catholicon, reproduction of Jehan Calvez’s edition (5 November 1499) from a copy at Rennes, edited by Christian-J. Guyonvarc’h, Éditions Ogam, Rennes, 1975

–do.–New edition issued by éditions Armeline, Brest, 2005

Le Men, René-François, ed. (1867). Catholicon de Jehan Lagadeuc, dictionnaire breton, français et latin (in French). Lorient: Éditions et impression Corfmat.
Le vocabulaire breton du Catholicon (1499), le premier dictionnaire breton imprimé breton-français-latin de Jehan Lagadeuc, edited by Gwennole Le Menn, (Bibliothèque bretonne; 11.) Imprimerie Keltia Graphic, Edition Skol (Spézet), 2001
Le Menn, Gwennole, ed. (2001). Le vocabulaire breton du Catholicon (1499), le premier dictionnaire breton imprimé breton-français-latin de Jehan Lagadeuc. Bibliothèque bretonne (in French). 11. Spézet: Edition Skol.
Trépos, Pierre (1964). “Le Catholicon de Jehan Lagadeuc. Pour son cinquième centenaire”. Annales de Bretagne (in French). 71 (4): 501–552. doi:10.3406/abpo.1964.2236. ISSN 0003-391X. Retrieved 5 November 2018.

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Born On This Day

1607 – Anna Maria van Schurman, Dutch painter (d. 1678)
Anna Maria van Schurman (November 5, 1607 – May 4, 1678) was a Dutch painter, engraver, poet, and scholar, who is best known for her exceptional learning and her defence of female education. She was a highly educated woman, who excelled in art, music, and literature, and became proficient in fourteen languages, including Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Aramaic, and an Ethiopic language, as well as various contemporary European languages.[1]

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