FYI September 12, 2018

On This Day

1848 – A new constitution marks the establishment of Switzerland as a federal state.
The rise of Switzerland as a federal state began on 12 September 1848, with the creation of a federal constitution in response to a 27-day civil war in Switzerland, the Sonderbundskrieg. The constitution, which was heavily influenced by the United States Constitution and the ideas of the French Revolution, was modified several times during the following decades and wholly replaced in 1999. The constitution represents the first time that the Swiss were governed by a strong central government instead of being simply a collection of independent cantons bound by treaties.



Born On This Day

1739 – Mary Bosanquet Fletcher, Methodist preacher and philanthropist (d. 1815)
Mary Bosanquet Fletcher (12 September 1739 – 8 December 1815) was a Methodist preacher. Bosanquet is credited with convincing John Wesley (one of the founders of Methodism) to allow women to publicly preach.[1][2] She, along with her friend and fellow preacher Sarah Crosby, would become the most popular female preachers of their time.[3] Bosanquet was known as a “Mother in Israel,” a Methodist term of honor, for her work in spreading the religion across England.[4] Bosanquet was also quite involved in charity work throughout her life.





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