Images November 04, 2018

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Benjamin Voros: Fehér úti tó, Ágfalva, Hungary
Neven Krcmarek: The Cygnus Loop aka The veil

The Veil nebula, remnant of a dying star and still an astronomical mystery. This emission nebula of ionized gas is very large in size, both visually in our sky and physically in space. 6 full Moons wide and 90 light years in size, 5 to 10 thousand years old and 1500 lights years away. There is no neutron star at the center of this nebula, there is one neutron star at the base of the blowout region but of unknown distance. The intertwined rope-like filaments of oxygen, sulfur and hydrogen gas are all that remains visible of what was once a star in our Milky way galaxy.
Tom Gainor: Night In Motion
Wickenburg, United States

I wondered what would happen if I took a bunch of pictures in a rural area near a busy highway and how the star trails would layer in with the movement of the cars. I had a thought of what it would look like, this is not it, but I ended up liking it a lot. Hope you do as well.
James Wheeler: Toronto Cranes
2 Polson St, Toronto, Canada

When I visited Toronto a couple of weeks ago I was surprised how much construction there was downtown. It was like being in Shanghai. You can see two of the new buildings going up to the left of the CN tower.