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1962 – The United States concludes Operation Fishbowl, its final above-ground nuclear weapons testing series, in anticipation of the 1963 Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
Operation Fishbowl was a series of high-altitude nuclear tests in 1962 that were carried out by the United States as a part of the larger Operation Dominic nuclear test program. Flight-test vehicles were designed and manufactured by Avco Corporation.[1]



Born On This Day

1853 – Anna Bayerová, Czech physician (d. 1924)
Anna Bayerová (4 Nov 1853–1924) was the second Czech female medical doctor, after Bohuslava Kecková. Both of them were prevented from practicing as doctors in their own country so Kecková became a Czech midwife, whereas Bayerová had a medical practise in Berne.

Bayerová was born near Mělník on 4 November 1853, the youngest child of Josef and Marie Bayer. She attended school in Mělník until 1868, when she moved to Prague, where she met the authors Eliška Krásnohorská and Sofie Podlipská, and took gymnasial exams, despite not being allowed to attend the gymnasium.

In 1875, Bayerová moved to Zurich and started attending classes at the University of Zurich. However, she suffered financial problems and returned home in 1878. Eventually, after receiving money to continue her studies, Anna Bayerová graduated from the University of Bern and thus became the second female Czech physician in 1881. However, like the first female Czech physician (Bohuslava Kecková, who graduated in 1880 from the University of Zurich), Bayerová graduated from a Swiss university rather than a Czech one, and had to practice abroad as her doctorate was not recognized by her homeland.[1] The third woman doctor was Anna Honzáková. Bayerová graduated from the University of Bern[2] and was the first to practice successfully. She established her own private practice in Berne whereas Bohuslava Kecková had the first qualification she became a Czech midwife.[3]

In 1889 Bayerová’s achievement was recognised by popular support. 700 women wrote an open letter to her and the women’s magazine Ženské Listy. The letter hoped that she could return as they wanted to see female doctors in their country.[3]

She died on 24 January 1924 in Prague. In her hometown there is a street named in her honour.[4]


By Catie Keck: Mario Segale, the Inspiration Behind Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario,’ Dies at 84

Mario Arnold Segale (April 30, 1934 – October 27, 2018) was an American businessman and real estate developer.[1] He was involved in various development projects in the Seattle area from the 1950s onwards.[2] Nintendo’s Mario character was named after him while his company was renting a warehouse to the company.[3][4]

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MEL Films: Guns Found Here
You’d think that registering firearms would mean they’d be easy to trace. But one look at the antiquated process at the ATF’s National Tracing Center, and you’ll see why things aren’t as tidy as they look on TV crime dramas. Another fantastic documentary from MEL Films.
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