Military February 06, 2019

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Stars and Stripes | By Wyatt Olson: Soldier who Shot Himself in Head Appeals Army’s Decision to Deny Benefits

The Army maintains that its determination was warranted because it says Holyan was intoxicated when the shooting happened.

In an April memo to the 101st Airborne commander, the chief of Fort Campbell’s Administrative and Civil Law Division wrote: “Evidence exists to show SPC Holyan abused intoxicating liquor and voluntarily became intoxicated.”

“A reasonable and prudent person would not handle a firearm while intoxicated and would not put a firearm to his head and pull the trigger, even thinking it was unloaded,” said the memo, a redacted version of which was provided to Stars and Stripes by Tully Rinckey.

The memo said Holyan’s blood-alcohol level was .178 percent according to a test taken at the hospital in which he was treated. The Uniform Code of Military Justice assumes an individual is impaired to operate vehicles and vessels at a .10 blood-alcohol level.