Military March 28, 2019

Statement by Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan on the Passing of Andrew W. Marshall

Andrew W. Marshall (September 13, 1921 – March 26, 2019)[1] was an American foreign policy strategist who served as director of the United States Department of Defense’s Office of Net Assessment from 1973 to 2015. Appointed to the position by President Richard Nixon, Marshall remained in office during all successive administrations that followed until his retirement on January 2, 2015.[2][3][4] He was succeeded in the role by James H. Baker.[5]


By Erika I. Ritchie, The Orange County Register: Death of Marine shot in head while on guard duty at Camp Pendleton ruled a suicide
By Haley Britzky: ‘He rose to the highest calling’ — President Trump presents Medal of Honor to fallen Army hero’s son

Trevor Oliver, son of Army Sgt. Travis Atkins, receives his father’s Medal of Honor from President Donald Trump
By Jared Keller: Fallen EOD tech left dozens of hidden love letters behind for wife before deploying to Afghanistan
One bullet.
By Jared Keller: Florida Navy lieutenant sentenced to 10 years for attempting to solicit child for sex
By Danielle Ohl: Midshipman Faces Sexual Assault, Obstruction of Justice Charges
The Associated Press: Bob Dole Promoted to Army Colonel at 95
The Angry Staff Officer: Thursday Thoughts: Developmental Counseling
By Jami Ganz: Army recruit faces long road to recovery after contracting flesh-eating disease
“It’s the most heartbreaking feeling a parent can feel. My son’s life has been forever altered and his future as a soldier for the United States Army has been destroyed by pure negligence,” Del Barba’s father, Mark Del Barba, said in a statement.

Mark maintains his son received poor medical care at Fort Benning — including a delay on being alerted to the positive test.

“All they had to do was look at his lab results,” Mark told News 3, “It was hand-written in [his] medical records: ‘Positive for culture. Call AM Monday.'”
He’s 25 years old, wonder how long this will follow him?

By Saja Hindi: Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Using Wingdings Font to Forge Army Orders
He was arrested Tuesday and is out on a personal recognizance bond.

Pemberton is accused of costing the city and county of Denver more than $20,000 for his own pay as well as overtime for other deputies, the DA’s office said.
By Carl Forsling: Selfless service and the ‘veteran superiority complex’
So maybe we should stop dissing everyone who’s not a veteran and start embracing what truly sets veterans apart — selfless service. That includes everyone from CIA analysts to teachers to that hipster with the collective garden feeding the disadvantaged.

Military service is but one way for people to prove their worth. It’s a special kind of service, but not the only kind.

If vets want more people to join them in serving this country, it’s better to welcome others into that club, and not insist that the only way to be bigger than oneself is to carry a gun.

Carl Forsling is a senior columnist for Task & Purpose. He is a Marine MV-22B pilot and former CH-46E pilot who retired from the military after 20 years of service. He is the father of two children and a graduate of Boston University and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Follow him on Twitter @CarlForsling