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Military May 27, 2020

Task & Purpose: Army Reserve identifies soldier who died of COVID-19; A survivor of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and cancer just became an Air Force major—from her porch;
Military.com: MQ-9 Drone Crew Awarded Air Force Achievement Medals After RPG Attack; Sergeant Major of the Army Explains How a Socially Distanced ACFT Will Workand more ->
DOD: Top DOD Officials to Hold Virtual Town Hall Meeting; USS Kidd Transitions to Next Phase of COVID-19 Response and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: Leader, Know Thyself





Military May 13, 2020

Military.com: New COVID-19 Relief Bill Includes Debt Reprieve, Health Coverage for Veterans; Proposal Would Create Tent Cities for Homeless Veterans in VA Parking Lots; ‘Astonishing’: Veteran Military Pilots See First Survey Data on How Many Have Cancer and more ->
Task & Purpose: The fiction of an Afghan peace process died when gunmen murdered babies in Kabul; Air Force Sergeant Overcomes 100% Disability Rating To Return To Full Duty; The Army is using its multi-million dollar terror-tracking software to do something Google does for free and more ->

DOD: Joint Readout From the 12th Japan, Republic of Korea, and U.S. Defense Trilateral Talks; ‘The Office’ Actor Craig Robinson Does Q&A With Troops Overseas and more ->
By The Angry Staff Officer: Beans under a Carolina-Blue Sky: Remembering my Father
My father left nary a cent. His inheritance was rescuing bugs from drowning in water barrels. It was seeing the beauty of a deep Carolina-blue sky, or the clearness of a piece by Borodin. It was the earth beneath our feet and the soil under our fingernails. It was beans in the pocket and a smile for those in need of it. His inheritance was kindness, thoughtfulness, and love.






Joe Chenelly’s path to the Marine Corps started from a very unlikely place. As he describes it, his parents were hippies. And after initially finding college to be something he didn’t necessarily have an affinity for, Chenelly enlisted in the Marines. Joining not long before 9/11, Chenelly would eventually end up at the forefront of America’s war on terror as a combat journalist. In fact, Chenelly was the first Marine combat correspondent to step foot into enemy territory after 9/11. He was also part of the initial invasion into Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Joe Chenelly now continues to serve as the National Executive Director for AMVETS, one of the leading veteran service organizations in America. Hear what it was like to be on the front lines of America’s response to 9/11, as well as Joe’s amazing work with AMVETS in support of those returning home from war, in this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

Military April 30, 2020

Military.com: SEALs Tried to Locate US Citizen Taken by Afghan Militants; Army Offers Support to Reservist Under Attack from Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists; Commemorate VE Day with a Virtual World of Warships Parade and more ->

Task & Purpose: A new device from Army doctors could be a game-changer in the fight against COVID-19; Coast Guard partially at fault for deadly 2018 duck boat disaster, investigation finds; A retiring Navy dog sniffed out bombs for 6 years. Last week he received a commendation and more ->

DOD: Department of Defense Releases Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military and more ->

Samuel Whittemore (July 27, 1696 – February 2, 1793)[1][2] was an American farmer and soldier. He was 78 years of age[3] when he became the oldest known colonial combatant in the American Revolutionary War (1775–83).[4]
Sam Whittemore was between 78 and 80 when he took part in the fighting on April 19, 1775, shooting one Redcoat with his musket & two with his pistols

Just the age of the most vulnerable of our population right now
The Angry Staff Officer

Military April 28, 2020

By Katie Lange, DOD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army 1st Lt. Raymond Beaudoin

Military.com: Nevada Fight over Bombing Range Pits Tribes vs. US Navy; The Military’s Coronavirus Cases: The Latest Rundown and more ->

Task & Purpose: ‘It feels awesome’ — Meet the newly-graduated Air Force cadet who just became the sixth member of Space Force; VA to study cancers, illnesses tied to military deployment to toxic Uzbek base; The Army is already using its next-generation head-up display to do battle with COVID-19 and more ->

The Angry Staff Officer: Yes, #MilTwitter is Still Worthwhile



This Cold War era film presents Lowell Thomas giving a lecture about air power and its effect on military strategy from WWI to WWII and beyond. The atomic bombing of Japan concludes at the 12:50 mark, with the “sky overhead filled with planes” at the victory. “Not letting down our defenses involves more than just preserving the status quo,” says Thomas, “but the atomic bomb is only one stage in the concept of air power.” The film shows B-36 bombers at the 14 minute mark, flying nuclear deterrent missions.

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Military March 30, 2020

Military.com: Amid Coronavirus, Army Vets Fought to Mass Produce $100 Ventilators. They Hit Roadblocks And more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: FOB Couch: COVID Isolation, Deployments, and Coping Tips


Military March 15, 2020

Task & Purpose: Navy identifies sailor who died aboard USS Vella Gulf; We salute the Army crew who named their howitzer ‘coronavirus’ and more ->
Military.com: Oregon Veteran, 70, is State’s 1st Coronavirus Fatality, Officials Say; Remains of Korean War POW Being Returned to Family in Ohio; Navy Veteran Found Guilty of Killing Wife, Dumping Body in Bay 2 Years Later; 2 Army Engineers Prepare to Compete as 1st All-Female Team in Best Sapper Competition; Man Builds WWII Era Plane in His Garage and more ->
DOD: DOD Officials Explain New Coronavirus Domestic Travel Restrictions; 3 U.S. Service Members Wounded in Iraq Attack and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: Readiness in the Time of Coronavirus

Military February 21, 2020

Military.com: Midshipman Dies After Being Found Unresponsive at Naval Academy; Security Forces Leaders Fired at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for Fostering Toxic Work Environment; McConnell Air Force Base Finds High Levels of Chemical Made Famous in ‘Erin Brockovich; CBO Suggests Raising Tricare Fees, Cutting Veteran Benefits to Slash Deficit; Sikorsky-Boeing’s SB-1 Defiant Helicopter Prototype Impresses Leaders in Flight Demo; Retired Adm. McRaven, Who Directed Bin Laden Raid, to Deliver MIT Commencement and more ->
Task & Purpose: Taliban: No peace agreement if US troops stay in Afghanistan; Hit with a truck’ — How Iran’s missiles inflicted traumatic brain injuries on US troops and more ->
DOD: Aerial Refueling Adds Lethality to DOD Aviation; Joint Exercise to Test Tactical Forces in Cold-Weather Environment and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: Take a Knee and Drink Water: Mental Health in the Army




Military January 23, 2020

Task & Purpose: Air Force veteran turned police officer killed in the line of duty in Hawaii; ‘I made promises to the people that I lost’— How the Iraq war forged a Navy SEAL’s path to Harvard Medical School and NASA; We need to talk about that study claiming that US troops are ‘overpaid’; Over 100 Coasties died in a U-boat attack in 1918. Now, the Coast Guard wants to give Purple Hearts to their descendants; For Walmart, hiring veterans ‘makes us better’ and more ->
Military.com: 3 US Firefighters Killed in C-130 Water Bomber Crash in Australia; First Woman Enters Japan’s Submarine Academy; Some Civilians Who Served in Vietnam Are Getting Veteran Status; US Special Operators Could Use This New Suppressor That Relies on WWI Technology; Navy Warns Mail-In DNA Kits Could Bring ‘Unwelcome’ Family News and more ->
DOD: Veteran Helps Solve Major Crimes
The Angry Staff Officer: Finding Space – Chapter Twelve


Military January 20, 2020

Military.com: The Navy Once Called Him an ‘Unknown Negro Sailor.’ Now it’s Naming a Carrier After Him; Tamara Campbell Won’t Stop Advocating for Survivors of Domestic Violence; Towson Hires Former Maryland National Guard Head as First ‘Leader-in-Residence’ and more ->

Task & Purpose: Army officials say all clear after troops in Germany warned of ‘imminent’ terror attack; Jon Stewart joins fight to help veterans exposed to toxic chemicals from burn pits; It’s 2020 and SFC Alwyn Cashe still hasn’t been awarded the Medal of Honor. Why?; How should the Navy name its aircraft carriers? More ->
The Angry Staff Officer: Stop Calling Armed Mobs the “Militia”




Military January 01, 2020

Military.com: Some Marines Get OK to Carry Concealed Firearms After Deadly Shootings; Portland State University to Pay $1M in Navy Veteran’s Fatal Shooting; Ex-War College Head to Retire, Pending Investigation Results; The Army Is Shooting Battery Prototypes to Make Sure They Don’t Catch Fire and more ->
DOD Newsroom: SD Statement on Deployment of 82nd Airborne Division; DOD Statement on Iraq From Secretary Esper and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: The Importance of Being a Self-Aware Leader
The Angry Staff Officer: Seven Military Leadership Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes