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Military February 21, 2021

Military.com: History-Making U-2 Pilot Puts Her Toughness to the Test in CBS Reality Show ‘Tough as Nails’; Strangers Unite to Ensure Veteran who Died Was Not Alone or Forgotten and more ->
Task & Purpose: This is the Army video that finally introduced America to the Green Berets The film captures Green Berets with the 10th Special Forces Group conducting field training exercises.; How an army of artists and tricksters conned the Nazis and bluffed their way to victory in World War II It sounds like an idea that was cooked up in a Hollywood writer’s room, but it really happened.; Marine awarded for saving drowning couple from rough waters in California “It’s what Marines are expected to do.” And more ->
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The Angry Staff Officer: Good Intentions Do Not a Good Commander Make
Just A Car Guy: Marilyn in Korea, 1954



Military November 22, 2020

Military.com: Navy Investigation of Pensacola Shooting Points to ‘Toxic’ Command Climate as Factor; Illinois WWII Veteran Survived POW Camps and Forced March and more ->
Task & Purpose: Obama gave Adm. McRaven a gift after the SEALs took out bin Laden: A tape measure; Check out these incredible photos of all four Air Force tactical demo team jets flying in formation and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: Pantheon Book Review: Or, How I Lost a Bet



Military November 11 & 12, 2020

Military.com: Famous Veterans Who Died in 2020; Veteran Comic Gets Serious About ‘Mental Hell and Wellness’ and more ->Listen to Actor Michael Caine Talk About Fighting in Korea;
Task & Purpose: Disabled veteran imprisoned in Alabama for medical marijuana possession is released; Vanessa Guillén’s family: Fort Hood’s new memorial gate means leadership ‘listened to us’; Half a century ago, this soldier escaped armed captors in Africa. He’s still fighting for the recognition many say he’s due and more ->
DOD: Voices of World War II; Nation Honors Veterans at Arlington National Cemetery; New Museum Tells the Story of the U.S. Army and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: A Veterans Day Carol: Being a Ghost Story of Veterans Day
The Angry Staff Officer: Finding Space – Chapter Sixteen








Military October 11, 2020

Military.com: Celebrated Pilot Capt. Sully Urges Further Updates to Boeing’s 737 MAX; Tentative Settlements in WVa Veterans’ Hospital Deaths; With His Grandparents Drifting Away from the Boat, He Steps up to Save Them. He’s 11.; At Naval Station Norfolk, a Different Kind of Bucket Line to Fight Fires and more ->
Task & Purpose: It looks like Trump just ended the Afghanistan war via Twitter; Sailors receive awards for thwarting a gunman who attacked Naval Air Station Corpus Christi; 2 Marine veterans among conspirators charged in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: Forget Love in the Time of Cholera, How About Assessment in the Time of COVID-19?




Military September 27, 2020

Military.com: Hawaii Takes Over Veterans Home with 26 Coronavirus Deaths and more ->

Task & Purppose: Deaths, violence cast shadows over Fort Hood; It’s been 80 days since DoD leaders promised to release an investigation ‘within days’ into an Army helicopter buzzing protesters; Admiral who led the SEALs during the Eddie Gallagher case headed to Special Operations Command and more ->

The Angry Staff Officer: Star Wars is Bullsh*t! – Lies Science Fiction Taught Me About Strategic Planning





Military August 05, 2020

Military.com: 4th US Service Member to Die of COVID-19 Was Army Reservist, Christian Pastor; Air Force OKs Pants for Women’s Mess Dress Uniforms and more ->

Task & Purpose: Naval Special Warfare Command cuts ties with SEAL museum over video of dogs attacking man in Colin Kaepernick jersey; Beirut reels from massive explosion as death toll climbs to at least 100 and more ->

The Angry Staff Officer: Finding Space – Chapter Fourteen




Military July 25, 2020

Military.com: Arizona Woman Charged with Trying to Support al-Qaida; Hawaii Military Bases Brace for Possible Direct Hit by Powerful Hurricane Douglas; The Air Force Wanted Feedback on Racial Injustice. The Response Was Overwhelming and more ->
Task & Purpose: One dead, one injured in domestic dispute at Hurlburt Field; Fort Bragg paratrooper helps rescue driver and toddler from smoking vehicle and more ->

DOD: Adaptability, Resilience Marked EMF-M’s Historic Stateside Deployment; Space Force Rockets Toward Milestones and more ->

The Angry Staff Offier: How “Scrubs” Characters are Basically Your Military Unit





Military July 21, 2020

Military.com: As Court-Martial Continues, Naval Academy Midshipman Found Not Guilty of Attempted Sexual Assault; Former Airman Reality Winner, Imprisoned for Leaking Government Secrets, Tests Positive for COVID-19; Former Army Medic Gets Second Silver Star Over 50 Years After Saving 10 in Vietnam; Soldier Vanessa Guillen’s Murder Now a Rallying Cry for Lawmakers; Daughter of Coast Guard’s Top Enlisted Leader Awarded Lifesaving Medal for Water Rescue; Severely Disabled Veterans Will Soon Be Eligible for Bigger Adaptive Housing Grants and more ->

Task & Purpose: How a Pennsylvania veterans nursing home failed residents during a COVID-19 outbreak; That time Robin Williams had the perfect response when troops in Kuwait interrupted his comedy show and more ->

DOD: Sports Heroes Who Served: Baseball Legend Brooks Robinson; Army Sponsorship Program Helps Ease Transition for Soldiers, Families and more ->

The Angry Staff Officer: Put Down Clausewitz, Pick Up Pratchett






Military May 27, 2020

Task & Purpose: Army Reserve identifies soldier who died of COVID-19; A survivor of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and cancer just became an Air Force major—from her porch;
Military.com: MQ-9 Drone Crew Awarded Air Force Achievement Medals After RPG Attack; Sergeant Major of the Army Explains How a Socially Distanced ACFT Will Workand more ->
DOD: Top DOD Officials to Hold Virtual Town Hall Meeting; USS Kidd Transitions to Next Phase of COVID-19 Response and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: Leader, Know Thyself





Military May 13, 2020

Military.com: New COVID-19 Relief Bill Includes Debt Reprieve, Health Coverage for Veterans; Proposal Would Create Tent Cities for Homeless Veterans in VA Parking Lots; ‘Astonishing’: Veteran Military Pilots See First Survey Data on How Many Have Cancer and more ->
Task & Purpose: The fiction of an Afghan peace process died when gunmen murdered babies in Kabul; Air Force Sergeant Overcomes 100% Disability Rating To Return To Full Duty; The Army is using its multi-million dollar terror-tracking software to do something Google does for free and more ->

DOD: Joint Readout From the 12th Japan, Republic of Korea, and U.S. Defense Trilateral Talks; ‘The Office’ Actor Craig Robinson Does Q&A With Troops Overseas and more ->
By The Angry Staff Officer: Beans under a Carolina-Blue Sky: Remembering my Father
My father left nary a cent. His inheritance was rescuing bugs from drowning in water barrels. It was seeing the beauty of a deep Carolina-blue sky, or the clearness of a piece by Borodin. It was the earth beneath our feet and the soil under our fingernails. It was beans in the pocket and a smile for those in need of it. His inheritance was kindness, thoughtfulness, and love.






Joe Chenelly’s path to the Marine Corps started from a very unlikely place. As he describes it, his parents were hippies. And after initially finding college to be something he didn’t necessarily have an affinity for, Chenelly enlisted in the Marines. Joining not long before 9/11, Chenelly would eventually end up at the forefront of America’s war on terror as a combat journalist. In fact, Chenelly was the first Marine combat correspondent to step foot into enemy territory after 9/11. He was also part of the initial invasion into Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Joe Chenelly now continues to serve as the National Executive Director for AMVETS, one of the leading veteran service organizations in America. Hear what it was like to be on the front lines of America’s response to 9/11, as well as Joe’s amazing work with AMVETS in support of those returning home from war, in this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!