Military May 30, 2019

The Associated Press | By Jeffrey Schaeffer and Julian Styles: Rare Color Footage Brings D-Day Memories Alive, 75 Years On
Stevens Jr., a writer, director and founder of the American Film Institute, later made a documentary with the footage, “George Stevens: D-Day to Berlin.”

“My father referred to his experience in World War II as having a seat on the 50-yard line. And seeing men at their best and at their worst,” his son said.

Long before social networks and smart phones, the outside world had little visual evidence of the Nazis’ attempted genocide of the Jews.

His father’s unit “went into Dachau, the concentration camp, and nobody had anticipated what they were going to find there,” Stevens Jr. said. “It was this harrowing sight of these emaciated prisoners and typhus and disease and dead bodies stacked like cordwood. … Rather than just being a recorder of events, he became a gatherer of evidence, and he himself took a camera and went into these boxcars, with snow on the ground, with frozen bodies.”
En Route Press Gaggle by Acting Secretary Shanahan
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | By By Kelly Yamanouchi: Airplane Passenger Mauled by Veteran’s Support Dog Files Lawsuit | By Richard Sisk: Robert Mueller: A ‘Magnificent Bastard’
What was even stranger — he didn’t curse, at least in front of them — and that was decidedly uncommon for a Marine. They also said that he was “solid,” and knew how to listen. And they also liked that he was a “Mustang” — he had enlisted out of Princeton and gone through Parris Island boot camp just like them, and then through Officer Candidate School.

Mueller would earn the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry in his time in Vietnam. The citation for his Bronze Star said that during an attack on his rifle platoon, “2nd Lt. Mueller fearlessly moved from one position to another, directing the accurate counterfire of his men and shouting words of encouragement to them.”

During the firefight on Dec. 11, 1968, Mueller “personally led a fire team across the fire-swept terrain to recover a mortally wounded Marine who had fallen in a position forward of the friendly lines,” the citation said.
Chairman Describes Threats From Iran
Speaking at the Brookings Institution, Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, describes the scenario that prompted an increase in forces in the Gulf region to counter Iranian threats, May 29, 2019. Pool video