Military October 25,2 018

By Oriana Pawlyk: Partial Engine Failure Likely Prompted B-2 Emergency Landing: Audio
News Release Press Operations Release No: NR-302-18: Department of Defense Expands ‘Hack the Pentagon’ Crowdsourced Digital Defense Program
By Oriana Pawlyk and Gina Harkins: More Marine F-35Bs Likely Sidelined Over New Safety Concerns
By Michael Peck, The National Interest: The Army Just Purchased This ‘Smart’ Artillery Shell. Here’s What It Can Do
By Venessa Gera: Retired US General Says War with China Likely in 15 Years
By Megan Barnes: Air Force Captain Struck by Gas Truck Reaches $46 Million Settlement
By Gina Harkins: Marine 1st Sgt. Faces Hearing After $1.5M in Razors Stolen at Parris Island
By COLLEEN LONG, Michael Balsamo and Eric Tucker: Packages to De Niro, Biden Seized, Similar to Pipe Bombs
By Chief Kristin Beck (Ret.): The Military Case For Hemp, According To A Navy SEAL
By HirePurpose: Army Veteran Turned Comcast Exec Advocates For Veterans And Military Spouses
The Angry Staff Officer: If Military Commissioning Sources were Hogwarts Houses