Quotes June 19, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness


Kindness brings color to an otherwise bland moment, day, and life.

The light comes in on all of us. but so few revel in its bounty. Soak it up and SHINE ON!

Kindness thoughts travels. Send a kind thought to those flooded by fear, overwhelm, or actual water. It makes a difference.

Let’s keep it simple — being kind will make your every day feel like summer in a gorgeous meadow.

Feel a little shattered by life? Take a break. Breathe. Don’t face it again until you’ve put your pieces back together. Be kind to you.

Life is a grand meadow with kindness as the flower. You certainly can live without flowers but why? Be kind. Plant a flower in someone’s day, maybe even your own. #

Kindness brightens the deepest shadow.

We are all seedlings stretching out of the earth together. Be kind to everyone. They are as tiny and fragile as you are.

From sunrise to sunset, be kind.

Feel dark? Light from afar continues to shine down on you — even if you can’t see it. Be kind. Shine right back.

Thinking of giving up? It’s easy to understand why. Here’s the thing — everything can change in a moment. Never give up hope. Be kind to your heart.

It’s enough to make anyone nuts! You may as well make it fun! Put on a fake nose, turn up the music and dance.

The seed is already planted. Be kind. Let it grow.